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Upgrade your business phone lines into one voip system for better data logging, detailed call analytics and faster outreach times.

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Improve Communications With Voip Calling & Texting

Improve business communications with VoIP technology. Enjoy cost savings, better call quality, and advanced features like call recording, call forwarding, texting, skipping to next lead or phone number, leaving pre-recorded messages on voicemails, and virtual phone numbers, improving overall communication capabilities saving time and increasing efficiency.

Increase Outbound Calls With Auto Dialer For Increase Performance

Improve business communications by automatically skipping busy lines and leaving pre-recorded messages on voicemails, saving time and increasing efficiency. This feature also ensures that all leads are contacted promptly, improving customer response rates and overall sales.

Halsell voip dialer

Move Faster With A.I. Voicemail Machine Detection

Increase sales volume with the help of our AI voicemail detection that can handle up to 30 calls per second. AI will detect whether a human or voicemail greeting is on the other line so caller can take action accordingly to outpace competition, improve efficiency and ultimately generate more revenues to your business.

Save More Time With Inbound Call Automations

Create automations to update status and inbound call redirects of leads in CRM to improve business operations and save time and increase efficiency. Inbound automations ensure that incoming calls are redirected to the right team member and that the lead's status is updated in real-time, allowing for better communication and collaboration between team members and providing a more seamless customer experience.

Halsell inbound automations
Halsell call logs

Detailed Call Analytics For Better Customer Insights

With VoIP integrated into CRM, you can gather valuable customer insights during calls, including call duration, call recordings, call and text history and notes from the call. This information can be used to personalize follow-up calls and improve customer engagement, increasing the likelihood of closing deals.

Get More Than A Voip Phone System With Halsell

We push feature updates and deployments weekly with many new products on the horizon

window paragraph
Customer Relationship Management

Manage large complex data sets with custom fields for more flexibility

Project Management

Manage project and task deadlines in a goal oriented manner

b meeting

Assign leads to a single member or entire team to help stay organized like never before

gathering restrictions
Roles & Permissions

Create roles and permissions to grant or restrict access for each individual team member

calendar date 2
Start & Due Dates

Stay on schedule with start and due date reminders to keep track of leads

Custom Fields

Customize your deal board with custom fields

Electronic Signature

Create, send and track electronic signature requests sent to clients

mobile chat
Calling & Texting

Make calls and text clients directly in your CRM for a more streamlined workflow

phone call
AI Auto Dialer

Achieve more by letting our AI do the heavy lifting for you to power dial sales leads

Custom Labels

Create colored labels to specify the priority or status of your lead

contacts 2

Stay organizated with contacts and business relationships all in one place

Custom Branding

Personalize your workspace with your own company branding to feel right at home

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