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Call & Text Directly Through Your Real Estate CRM

Increase sales and retention rate by streamlining and automating your workflow.

Increase Sales Calls

10X outreach and easily call hundreds of leads per day

Text Campaigns

Improve retention rate by texting leads

Automate Calls

Automatically update leads in your CRM if they were to call, text or leave a voicemail

Auto Dialer

Stop hunt and punching numbers and let an auto dialer do the work for you

Improve Productivity for In-Office and Remote Teams

Keep your field team, remote team and in-office team - no matter their location - on the same page at all times

Attach Files

Attach files to leads to stay more organized

Make Comments

Provide transparent communication with your team and leads

Due Dates

Create due dates for closing dates and project deadlines

Priority Labels

Prioritize your leads with colored labels and headings

Create & Send E-signature Requests to Clients

Personalize your requests with your own company branding

Signature Fields

Customize size and location of signature fields

Text Fields

Customize size and location of text fields

Radio Fields

Customize single select radio fields

Checkbox Fields

Customize multi-select checkbox fields

Win Listings and Close More Deals

Out pace your competitors and bring in more revenue to your company

Improve team communication

Most deals are made through follows along with excellent team communication

Increase Company Outreach

Increase dealflow and outreach without your team juggling complicated data

Increase Revenues

Watch your revenues soar to new heights while keeping your overhead down

Reduce Overhead

Simply cut back on overhead with all the tools you need in one place

Competitive Analysis

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Follow Up BossF.U.B.
Dedicated Database
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Pipelines
Custom Pipelines
Due Date
Project Management
Photo Carousel
Task Checklist
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Leads
Custom Branding
Business Contacts
E-signature Requests
Custom Forms
Calendar Invites
Status Tabs
Priority Labels
Colored Labels
UI Configerator
Call & Text in Browser
Auto Dialer
A.I. Human Detection
A.I. Voicemail Detection
30 Calls Per Second
Call Center Capability
Human Resource Management
Roles & Permissions
Activity Logs
Custom Fields
Custom Select Options
Admin Dashboard
Free Support
Weekly Feature Releases
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