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Published: Sep 08, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 08, 2022

Choosing the right CRM is one of the most impactful decisions a business can make. In fact, 92% of businesses say that CRM software plays a major part in reaching their revenue goals.

With that said, there are several CRM solutions available, such as Halsell and Keap. But how can you know which will be best for your business? Read more to find out why Halsell CRM is a better choice for your business than Keap. 

What's the Purpose of CRM Software? 

A CRM solution keeps track of your contacts and their interactions with your business.

Using a CRM, you'll be able to provide better customer service and analyze valuable metrics.

Benefits of Halsell CRM 

Halsell CRM is a one-stop shop for every sales and marketing team's needs.  It's a housing destination for your sales calls, team communications, and marketing automation solutions. Our simple and accessible system and UI make integrating your data from a previous CRM easy so you can start tracking your data with us.  

Advanced VoIP Software

One feature of Halsell's is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) tool. This is an alternative to landlines that relies on an internet connection. As long as your team has a connection, they'll be able to make calls and boost revenue. 

These also have lower initial and monthly costs than traditional landlines. And they can include protections like number privacy and call encryption. For global businesses, a VoIP can save you money on international calls. 

With a VoIP in your CRM, you can easily contact your qualified leads and follow up with returning clients. Halsell also gives you the ability to record calls, make video calls, and use SMS marketing. 

Automate to Enhance Productivity

Halsell can also help you develop more qualified leads. Lead generation and nurturing are two of the most critical yet time-consuming tasks that sales teams perform. 

This makes marketing automation software incredibly useful for companies of all sizes. Halsell automates this process by handling your sales pipeline, following up with prospective buyers, and scheduling calls.

Another way that automation can benefit your team is by personalizing the buyer's journey. Users can set up a process for the CRM to take a specific action when another action is completed.

This allows you to send the right content to the right contacts at the right time, like sending relevant emails or updating them on products they might like based on their previous purchases.

Team Communications All in One Place

Effective communication is at the heart of the collaboration between sales and marketing. Especially for remote workers, having a responsive and comprehensive communication tool is a vital part of a productive and efficient work day.

Halsell's chat functions allow your teams to communicate on the same platform where your customer's data is stored, which cuts down on the time spent transferring information from one tool to another. You can also attach files to messages and make comments on each lead to share additional information.

Benefits of Keap

Keap is a CRM software designed to strategize, visualize, and report analytics from your marketing and sales teams. Keap can integrate with a number of other tools such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, and WordPress. With these, Keap can streamline your business processes and make them more efficient and productive.

Ramp up Your E-Commerce 

One of the premier benefits of Keap for online businesses is its billing and invoicing software. They work with many payment processors to collect all of your customers' payments in one place. You can also add upsells and discount codes to boost revenue. 

Review Analytics

Data informs every decision your team makes, and one of the benefits of a CRM is pooling that data into one place. Keap enables users to visualize the revenue growth of their business, as well as collect and view sales reports. 

Track Your Sales Pipeline

Rather than having multiple spreadsheets keeping track of leads, you can create customizable pipelines. Keap also optimizes your sales teams' workload with both an overview and detailed breakdown of your conversions. 

Cons of Keap

Keap CRM comes with a few disadvantages, however. There have been noted difficulties in setting the tool up, as well as its lack of easy access for even more experienced marketers. This is because it offers too many settings and options without a proper training or onboarding process. 

Their customer support for this problem also falls behind where it should be. Some users have shared that they had difficulties with their customer service. Receiving concrete answers to their questions or follow-ups on their problems were both noted issues.

Users have also stated that the search feature is lacking. Searching for anything more than basic information such as a phone number or email was inconvenient to many people. And if you like to edit contact information after it's been input, there's no option for that. 

Additionally, some features aren't accessible on the lower tier plan. They're only available on their highest tier of membership, such as lead scoring and e-commerce tools. Some former customers also had issues customizing their campaigns.

Choose Halsell

While Keap comes with many features, Halsell CRM is still the best option for your business. This is due to our team and data management, sales performance tools such as VoIP and SMS capabilities, and automation tools.

If you're ready to take the next step and choose Halsell as your CRM, register today to increase your productivity and revenue.

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