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Boost Outbound Calls via Auto Dialer and Auto Voicemail Detection

No more smile and dial - hello auto dial. Improve business communications by automatically skipping busy lines and leaving pre-recorded messages on voicemails, saving time and increasing efficiency. This feature also ensures that all leads are contacted promptly, improving customer response rates and overall sales.

a.i. voicemail machine detection

Automate Voicemails With Our AI Voicemail Machine Detection

Increase sales volume with the help of our AI voicemail machine detection that can handle up to 30 calls per second. AI will detect whether a human or voicemail greeting is on the other line so caller can take action accordingly to outpace competition, improve efficiency and ultimately generate more revenues to your business.

Save More Time With Inbound Call Automations

Create automations to update status and inbound call redirects of leads in CRM to improve business operations and save time and increase efficiency. Inbound automations ensure that incoming calls are redirected to the right team member and that the lead's status is updated in real-time, allowing for better communication and collaboration between team members and providing a more seamless customer experience.

Create Automation Events To Save Your Team Time

Automate your workflow by creating automation events to take place when a certain occurance happens. For example, if you receive a missed call from a lead to you business line you can update the status of that lead and change the priority color or assign that lead to another user so they can be taken care of immediately for an increased customer experience.

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