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Where It Started

Halsell.com is an online digital productivity workspace yet started as a team of landmen acquiring and divesting land assets to portfolio companies in the energy industry. Unable to find the right solution on the market to manage their operations, the founder started developing the sales crm and productivity software they needed in order to outpace their competition and get to deals first. After a successful run in the energy space, we found a greater need and a larger purpose to fill — helping as many people as possible have a more productive worklife, so they can spend more time doing what they love. This is Halsell.


Our Mission

What started out as a mission to solve our own problem has now become a mission to help solve the same problem for others. We believe the digital workspace solutions on the market, from crm to project management softwares, are outdated and overly complex to operate which is not helping anyone solve their problem but rather so bringing forth new ones. We're here to change that.

Halsell software showcase image
Halsell software showcase image

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring an all-in-one workspace solution to help businesses easily manage their operations, be more productive, save time, and overall mitigate the number of apps needed to run their businesses — thereby resulting in a healthier worklife balance and happier lifestyle.


Our Vision

We are ultimately building a one-stop shop to bring you an all-in-one workspace solution to help run your business operations. Using the latest A.I. technology to enhance our products—including sales CRM, project management, scheduling, email marketing, wifi calling & texting, and payroll management to name a few—we will pave the way to inspire new innovation and global growth in the digital workspace industry. Halsell will be the go-to online software solution to help you with all aspects of running your business so you can focus on execution and reaching your growth milestones faster.

Halsell software showcase image

Halsell Core Values


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We believe consumer data privacy is the future and we are dedicated to encryption to ensure your personal information and company data is never at risk of a breach or sold for profits.


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We are dedicated to bringing forth the most reliable product possible to our consumers focusing on quality over quantity


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We understand that everyones needs are different and know that patience is of the upmost importance to providing great service


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The most important aspect of a successful business is the customers and we are dedicated to providing first class service to our consumers


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No one should trust anyone that withholds secrets from them - transparency always wins


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We are driven to keep exploring original ideas to bring forth to our consumers to incite innovation


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