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Customer Relationship Management

Manage large complex data sets with custom fields for more flexibility

Project Management

Manage project and task deadlines in a goal oriented manner

b meeting

Assign leads to team, separate team into departments to help stay organized like never before

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Roles & Permissions

Create roles and permissions to grant or restrict access for each individual team member

Direct Chat

Send messages to team members or comment under each lead to provide further transparency

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns to stay in touch with your clients

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Calling & Texting

Make calls and text clients directly in browser and be notified on replies


Share docs with your team and create e-signature requests with reminders

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Stay on schedule and invite clients to make appts on your calendar


Call and text directly in browser to improve outreach and retention rate with more control over analytics

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Buy phone numbers

Search and buy local phone numbers of the area code of your choice

mobile contact
Assign numbers to team

Assign remote office phone lines to each team member

mobile chat
Call and text anywhere

Make and receive inbound and outbound calls and text messages to and from anywhere in the world

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Automated voice campaigns

Save time by automating outbound calls and creating inbound redirects and actions to improve customer service

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Make up to 30 calls per second

Ideal for large teams or high volume call centers that need to make multiple calls simultaneously or just simply improve their call speeds

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Data-driven analytics

Analyze each call or automation campaign to understand where your data is lacking and needing improvements


Improve Productivity For

Your In-Office and Remote Teams

Keep your field team, remote team and in-office team - no matter their location - on the same page at all times

Improve team communication

Most deals are made through follows along with excellent team communication

Increase Company Outreach

Increase dealflow and outreach without your team juggling complicated data

Increase Revenues

Watch your revenues soar to new heights while keeping your overhead down

Improve Quality

Your customers will feel like VIP with the improved quality of service

Consolidate all of your apps into one

Reduce time and stress from jumping from app to app which can result in losing data and confusing your team. Get all the same features in one place.

Replace apps such as:


Stop getting lost and confused by using legacy software that is overly complex and outdated


Why use Asana to manage your team when you can have roles and permissions and more


Get more than a CRM with all the same features but better than Pipedrive and more


No need to need to use additional VOIP software when you have it directly with your CRM with Halsell


Stop using the one dimensional calling app Ring Central when you can have more than just a VOIP software


Create email campaigns to stay in touch with your customers without migrating data to a third party app


Leave your one dimensional productivity app and have it all in one place with Halsell


Create email campaigns to stay in touch with your customers without migrating data to a third party app


Chat in real-time with your team to provide transparent communication with your company

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