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Who is Halsell for?

Any business wanting to increase outreach and team productivity

Why use Halsell to manage your workflow?

You know what, glad you asked

Halsell voip dialer
Sales & Marketing CRM

Increase Sales Outreach By Keeping It Simple

Get more organized to allow sales team to have a better understanding of customer needs and preferences

Beef up company sales with the right sales CRM that is easy to use so you can focus on your business
Get more done in the marketing department with a more organized pipeline and communication
Watch your revenues soar to new heights while mitigating your overhead costs by reducing mundate tasks and focusing on running your business
Improve the quality of service you provide to your customers and increase retention rate
Project Management

Improve Productivity for In-Office and Remote Teams

Keep your field team, remote team and in-office team - no matter their location - on the same page at all times

Get on the same page with you team to achieve impeccable communication so you company can thrive in its field rather than get bogged down with operations
Streamline your company workflow, automate repetitive tasks, and set clear milestones and deadlines
Identify resource constraints, optimize resource utilization, and make informed decisions about budgeting, staffing, and scheduling
Track project progress, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and generate comprehensive reports
Halsell voip dialer
Halsell voip dialer

Seamless E-signature Requests

Get contracts signed faster without having to leave your workspace

Eliminate printing and scanning documents and reduce turnaround time and improve overall workflow efficiency
Streamline the signing process for all parties envolved from anywhere, anytime, leading to a faster more convenient workflow
Receive a more robust security feature such as encryption and audit trails to ensure integrity and authenticity
Improve trust betweeen parties by reducing fraud and tampering for a smoother and more efficient workflow

Improve Team Time Management Efficiency

Create and organize task, events, meetings and deadlines to manage your schedule with clients

Enable collaboration and communication among team members including sharing calendars, sending meeting invites and receiving notifcations on task updates
Quickly respond to customer inquiries and schedule meetings or demos at a time that is convenient for both parties and avoid unnecessary delays
Built-in analytics and reporting features that provide you with valueable insights into their productivity and time management habits
Track availability and skills of different resources and clients to improve efficiency
Halsell scheduling calendar

Seamless Connection for Increased Communication

Assign work lines to your team for increased communication

Place outbound and inbound calls and text messages to and from anywhere in the world all directly in your crm and never miscommunicate with a lead due to technical difficulties
Assign custom phone numbers to each team member to stay more organized with your work contacts on your desktop and mobile app
Save time by using the latest A.I. technology to automate outbound calls/texts and automatically update the status of a lead in your crm when receiving an inbound call or text message
Ideal for large teams or high volume call centers that need to make multiple calls simultaneously or just simply improve call speeds

Every app you need

We push feature updates and deployments weekly with many new products on the horizon

How does it work?

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