Published: Sep 28, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 28, 2022

1. Wordle, Octordle, Quordle, & Nerdle

Are you a big fan of Wordle? You're not alone. Around three million people around the world are still playing the game regularly. But, you might be interested in trying out another word game to diversify your pastimes. 

Well, there are plenty of different games out there for you. Read on to learn all about the details of Wordle and other fun word games you might want to try out.

1. Wordle

Wordle was truly a moment when it first came out on the market, and many people are still big fans. If you haven't played it yet, the rules are pretty simple. You're trying to guess a five-letter word. You'll have six guesses to figure out the word in question.

If you guess a letter right and it's in the right place, it will light up green. If you guess a letter correctly but it's in the wrong position, it will light up yellow. If a letter is entirely correct, it will turn grey. Of course, you can only play Wordle once a day, so if you need more entertainment you might be looking to try out some other word games. 

2. Octordle

If you're looking to level up when it comes to Worldle spinoffs, why not try out Octordle? Instead of solving just a singular word puzzle, you'll have to solve eight at once. You'll have just 13 guesses to figure out your puzzles. Some of the other rules from World carry over. A letter that turns up green still means that you have a correct letter in the right place.

Yellow means that the letter is right, but you need to change the placement. Keep in mind that a letter that turns up grey still might be present in one of the other puzzles.  While there is a daily Octordle puzzle, there are also options for you to keep going so you won't just have to play once a day.

3. Quordle

Another leveled-up variety of Wordle is Quordle. As the name implies, in Quordle you'll be guessing four different words, each with five letters. The yellow, green, and grey rules still apply.

You'll still get the same number of guesses, so it's harder than Wordle or even Octordle. But you'll be able to play as many games as you want a day, so you'll be able to learn the strategy a lot more quickly than if you were still stuck to the one-and-done model.

4. Nerdle

Nerdle isn't quite a word game, but it's still fun! In this game, you'll use math instead of words. This game was invented by Richard Mann, a data scientist by trade. In this game, you'll have eight spaces and six chances to solve a math problem. 

Like Wordle, you can only play Nerdle once a day, so if you're looking for a more casual game to add to your rotation, this might be the way to go. 

This is great for stimulating your brain, to help you on the path to crushing all your goals this year.

You can also play a miniature version of Nerdle, with only six blocks, if you'd like to work yourself into the process gradually. 

5. Crosswordle

You've probably tried a crossword or two in your life, but have you ever tried Crosswordle? You'll start with one word filled out, and you'll have to work your way back to fill out the rest of the boxes.

There is a daily version of Crosswordle, but there are also unlimited versions if you play your cards right. You can also change the difficulty of your puzzle to easy, medium, or hard, based on your level of comfort with playing Crosswordle, thus far.

6. Words with Friends

If you're looking for word puzzles, you can play with your loved ones, regardless of where you are located, Words with Friends might just be the way to go. Word With Friends is pretty similar to Scrabble in terms of rules. You keep seven letters in total for each turn. You'll place words on a grid, measured 15 by 15, either horizontally or vertically.

Each time you use tiles, you'll get new tiles to replace your previous letters. When you first start a game, the beginning player must incorporate the center space on the board in their move.

After that, like with Scrabble, every player will have to connect their next word to that initial word, or to a word that has stemmed off of that word. Depending on what letters you use, you might get higher or lower scores for the words you choose. Also, like Scrabble, there are particular spaces that can multiply your score, and using previous words to make new works can also give you a leg up in the game.

If you'd rather play a board game, Scrabble is the perfect choice for any game night at the cabin. Plus, you already know all the rules! But, if you're bored of playing Scrabble, you can also check out Bananagrams, Codenames, Take a Letter, Word on the Street, Crazy Letters, and so many others.

Play Fun Word Games Today

Now that you know about the world of word games outside of Wordle, why not get to playing? If you're not interested in these ones, there are a lot of other options out there. You just need to scroll through some other recommendations!

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