Published: Sep 27, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 27, 2022

Influencers Gone Wild

More than half of the world uses social media. if that includes you, then there's a chance you've run into the hilarity of memes! 

Social media is home to everything funny and quirky. It's all about influencers gone wild, so you can't stop the laughter from coming out!

But what if you aren't sure what memes are? Not everyone is a social media expert nowadays. It's about time more than half the world joins in on the fun!

Are you wondering who is the top influencer gone wild? Do you want to follow pages run by funny people, such as Tank Sinatra?

Look no further, because we've got the scoop for you! Continue reading to know who are the top social media meme pages in 2022.

What Are Memes?

Memes are hard to define because they are so abstract. In simple terms, memes are humorous images, videos, or pieces of text that are shared rapidly on social media pages. Memes look different on every social media page, but their main objective is to make you laugh!

Let's get to the juicy stuff! Here is a comprehensive list of the ten most popular meme accounts. These people have pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or all three. It's all about spreading laughter with memes, no matter what social media handle you're on!

1. @ScoobydooFruitsnacks

With over 4 million Instagram followers, @scoobydoofruitsnacks is your go-to meme king when the days get rough. The page is run by Daniel Baldini, a college business major who enjoys making people laugh. He operates the page like a business by having three employees.

America's favorite meme page posts around three times a day and averages 30,000k to 90,000k likes a post. The content is funny, light-hearted, and worthy of a genuine follow. 

2. @Epicfunnypage

@epicfunnypage spreads humor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through the funniest videos you can find. This page posts about ten short videos a day and boasts that everyone should follow just because their friends do too!

With a heavy focus on funny animals or quirky people, this page garnered up to 16 million followers. The page is so famous that it even partnered up with the beauty brand FashionNova as an ambassador

3. @introvertsmemes

As the name suggests, this meme account is for shy introverts! This page is on Twitter and has over 5.6 million followers. If you aren't much of a talker but enjoy a good laugh, consider following this inclusive page.

4. @lmao

LMAO means to laugh, and you'll be doing that way too often with this social media page!

@lmao is owned by content creator @joey who dedicates himself to publishing hilarious clips every day. The page has about 8 million followers and focuses on people's funny everyday lives. 

5. @wholesomememe

It's sweet and wholesome and it makes you giggle. This Twitter-based page posts memes, comics, and anything to brighten your day. These are the memes you turn to when you had a hard day at work. 

@wholesomememe has gotten so popular that they even established a brand. They sell t-shirts with a cute dog logo, many saying "be kind" or other heartwarming quotes. If that isn't a great way to turn laughter into something special, I don't know what is! 

6. @tank.sinatra or Tank Sinatra

Tank Sinatra calls himself the Michael Jordan of memes, and he isn't far from this fact! Sinatra is the influencer gone wild who owns a podcast and even had a small discussion on the Ellen Show. He's famous for being relatable and being, as his fans call him, the Meme Daddy!

Tank Sinatra has over 3 million followers and makes his money through sponsored posts. When it comes to making memes into a business, Sinatra likely dedicates most of his time to marketing techniques. Trustworthy companies such as Halsell offer the simplest way to manage your team, customer service, and deal flow with their marketing program.

Sinatra wasn't able to succeed alone. If you adore memes and want to kickstart your personal page, consider investing in marketing software such as Halsell's. You'll be able to increase outreach and team productivity with just a simple click!

7. @oldmemearchive

Have you ever heard of something being an oldie but goodie? This Twitter page is dedicated to preserving those memes that have gone out of style. Take a trip down memory lane by adding to this page's 1 million followers!

8. @funnymemes

The profile picture says it enough: this page is all about funny memes! This Instagram meme account calls itself the everyday meme dealer. You'll have nonstop laughter if you follow this page. With 6.5 million followers, you won't be the only one who adores the content. 

9. @daquan

Daquan Gesese created the Instagram page @daquan with no idea that it would soon become one of the most popular meme pages. 16 million followers are no joke, and he truly posts some of the funniest content across the web. His content caters to Millennials and their hilarious sense of humor. 

10. @sarcasm_only

As the title suggests, this page is for the sarcastic's only. This is one of few meme pages that has a social media format. They post two visual memes and one quotable meme a day. You're not only getting a laugh, but also an aesthetically pleasing page to view. 

See Your Favorite Influencers Gone Wild Today!

Influencers gone wild is a funny concept, and that's why you should continue the laughter by following these pages. People like Tank Sinatra are great examples of an influencer gone wild, but he also represents good business practices. If you're thinking about starting social media meme pages, invest in marketing software to be as popular as your favorites!

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