Published: Sep 21, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 21, 2022

Ukraine vs Russia. It is a terrible war that the whole world is watching. 

More than 13 million people in Ukraine have been displaced. Unfortunately, there have been over 14,000 deaths because of this war. 

While this war has caused a global outcry, there are plenty of people taking notice. Two of the more notable places that are watching what is happening are Taiwan and China. 

The reason is that there has been conflicting building up between the two areas for decades. Similar to Russia and Ukraine, where tension has been building up for decades. 

So, does the Russia-Ukraine war mean that there will be a China Invasion of Taiwan? Should Taiwan be concerned? 

Here are some important things to note. 

Military Drills 

One thing that you should note about both Russia and China is that they have both participated in military drills recently.

With Russia, this happened in February of 2022, when they did 10 days of joint military drills with neighboring ally Belarus. It was not long after this that they went on to invade Ukraine. 

Why is this of note for China? Because they did something similar in August of 2022. What they did was stage military drills and were openly building more vessels and aircraft for their military. Because of this, Taiwan fears that China is going to use those vessels and aircraft for an invasion. 

Claiming Former Territory 

Another thing that China and Russia have in common is the places they conflict with, both used to be firmly in their territory. 

With Russia, this was back when they were the Soviet Union. Before it collapsed in 1990, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. So, today's Russia and Ukraine, plus many other countries, were all considered one country. 

Ukraine officially declared independence in December 1991. However, part of this war with Ukraine is that Russia feels like Ukraine is its territory. So, they are using military force to get back what they feel is rightfully theirs. 

It is a very similar story in China, but they arguably take it a step further. The step further is that for the last 40 years, they have asked for Taiwan not to be recognized as a country. 

Taiwan gained its independence from China in 1949. From then until 1971, the United Nations did recognize it as its own country. However, since then, Taiwan has only officially been recognized as a territory

Most of this is due to China's strong-arming this situation and claiming Taiwan as a territory of its own country. China has strong feelings that Taiwan is a small part of China. 

However, Taiwan has shown to reject this ideology and they want to be considered their own country. 

This is where Russia comes in. They have had similar feelings about Ukraine and are now using force to take back what they think is theirs. So, some people make the connection of what is stopping China from doing the same thing with Taiwan. 

No One to the Rescue 

Something that people have noticed with Ukraine is that the United States and Europe seem to be afraid of becoming directly involved in this war. Sure, there are talks of them arming Ukraine and giving money and resources to their aid, but there are still no troops from other countries on the ground. 

What this means is that Ukraine has been on its own for the most part. While they receive some emergency resources from the outside world, nobody wants to take a direct stand in this conflict. The reason is that these countries know that the minute they do, their country is now officially involved in a war. 

Possible China Invasion of Taiwan

Let's face it, the last thing that most countries want to do is to get involved in a war that is not their own. They may not agree with what is happening, but it does not mean that they will directly get in the middle of it. 

China has likely noticed the response from Europe and the United States to this. While they are condemning it, they have not taken direct action. 

This can mean that they may feel like they have the green light to go invade Taiwan.

Large Suppliers 

One thing that China and Russia have in common is that they are large suppliers of essential resources to other parts of the world. 

Let's look at Russia. They supply about 40% of Europe's natural gas. This has resulted in an energy crisis in Europe. Some countries have discussed rationing energy. Most are aware that energy bills are going to increase. 

This has made it a difficult decision for the opposition on what to do in this situation. China can provide a similar choice to the world if it invaded Taiwan. 

How so? Well, China has been the leading manufacturer in the world for over a decade. Now, they supply about 28.7% of the total output

What this means is that if people who rely on this manufacturing spoke out against China, they could be in a crisis of their own. 

Learn More About Ukraine vs Russia

These are just some things that you should be aware of when it comes to Ukraine vs Russia and how it can lead to a China invasion of Taiwan. 

The things that you should take note of are that China and Russia are both large suppliers, both do military drills, both have had these places as part of their country in the past, and no one may come to the rescue. 

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