Published: Sep 27, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 27, 2022

If you've been on the internet for a while or had a PC long enough, you've likely heard of typing games. Since the invention of typewriters and their transformation into keyboards, learning to type has been a skill that most people have come to learn when they're very young.

But these games aren't just a great way for kids to get acclimated to typing at faster speeds, but for adults to work on their typing skills as well. With how many typing games are available, you may not have heard of Nitro Type, a game that's been helping people type faster for over a decade. Scroll down to find out what this game's all about and how it can help you improve your typing speed. 

What's a Typing Game? 

Like it sounds, a typing game is a genre that's often combined with other genres to create an experience focused on increasing the player's accuracy and typing speed, also known as their words-per-minute or WPM. But you might be surprised to find out that typing games have their origins in the late 1970s, just like other early video games. 

Originally, video games were often thought of as exclusively for children, but there was a concern that they didn't have educational value and were marketed to children exclusively for profit. That's when Microsoft came in and created Microsoft Typing Tutor, which is known as the first educational software for personal computers. 

From there, typing tests have become an incredibly common genre that helps children learn to type to this day, gaining popularity as having a computer in one's home became not just the standard but a necessity. 

The Importance of Typing Speed

Maybe improving your typing speed is a goal you've been meaning to dedicate more time to. But if it isn't you might be wondering why being able to type faster is so important. Well, whether you're just typing up an email or writing an essay at the last minute, everyone could use a little more speed when they type. 

It's also helpful for job applications and your professional career in general, as you'll be able to type up your resume or cover letter with more speed and accuracy. And you can keep up productivity by shooting off a message to your team reminding them of a meeting or alerting them to an emergency. 

How Does Nitro Type Work? 

While most operate on a structure where the player types sentence by sentence, Nitro Type is a racing game as well as typing speed test where players have to type out sentences accurately to accelerate and beat their opponents. And it can be used by teachers as well to monitor students' progress with their typing skills. 

Core Gameplay Loop

Like other racing games, the main objective is to win the race against fellow players. But similar to real racing, the winner isn't determined by how fast they drive or their WPM, but by the skill at which they maneuver their vehicle around the obstacles, aka their typing accuracy. 

That might seem counterintuitive for a nitro typing game, as you may think the sole relevant skill is WPM but typing fast doesn't mean as much if you make a lot of mistakes since you'll have to go back and fix them. 


The 'nitro' in the name isn't only because it's a racing game but because you can use it in-game to help you win. It's best used if you're nearing the finish line or want to bypass a particularly difficult word, as using nitro lets you skip a word. But you can only use it once per race, so you should bring it out from your back pocket at the prime moment.

Leveling System

The game's progression system is easy to understand, as it follows a simple logic based on experience points. The more races you participate in, the more you win, and the particular speed and accuracy you exhibited all factor into how much experience, or XP, you get following a race. 


The garage is where you keep all of your cars and other items called loot within the game. You can select a specific car to race and customize your cars with different colors and trails, which are animations that 'trail' behind the car as you race. You can also look at the stickers you have for communicating with other players and change your title or tag in the game. 


There are several different cars that you can buy and unlock in Nitro Type. Some are more traditional race cars and others like the Batmobile and hoverbike are more unique and can add an extra bit of style to your profile. Some vehicles are only available for special events, which means that you'll have to stay updated on the new events coming out to grab all the latest cars. 


Since this is a competitive game, it operates on a seasonal schedule where certain goals and rewards are put in place for anywhere from two weeks to three months. These are often themed, with the most recent being Nitro TV which features new cars such as the Boatie Classic, new trail animations, and stickers for players to add to their collections.  

How To Play with Others

Although it's plenty of fun to play just by yourself, you can also join a team in Nitro Type and race alongside them. Some of these are created for comradery, and others have more stringent entry requirements such as a base typing speed or level. 

There are also bots or non-playable characters (NPCs) that one can play a typing race against if there aren't enough human players online. One of the most famous of these is The Wampus. 

It's a car shaped like a possum that will randomly show up in a race. It's the rarest of the bots that can spawn in the game and will give you $50,000 in Nitro cash if you beat it. 

But even though it's free, you shouldn't attempt a Nitro Type hack. There are anti-cheating measures that the developers have implemented to prevent this from happening. And you may be permanently banned from the game if you try to cheat. 

Nitro Type 2

As of now, it doesn't seem like there are plans for a Nitro Type 2 since they've been very on top of updates for the original since its launch in 2011.

However, that does not mean that one won't come out in the future. Stay up to date with nitro type 2 by checking from time to time.

Test Your Skill

Playing Nitro Type is one of the best ways to tune up your typing speed while having fun. It's not only intuitive and free-to-play but can help people of all ages to type faster and with more accuracy.

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