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Published: Sep 05, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 05, 2022

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all industries have had to adapt in new ways. Perhaps the most significant change in the workplace has been, well, its location. More employees are working solely from home or in a hybrid role now than ever before. 

As a result, it's up to business management like yourself to ensure this shift is a productive one. That's why you need to take advantage of today's top remote work tools for your team of employees. 

Not only does providing your team with the tools they need help them in their tasks and responsibilities. In addition, investing in your team of employees' work life can be beneficial for your business itself. 

Studies show that when employers can create a positive work environment, employees are more productive. This increased efficiency leads to, of course, increased day-to-day profitability of your organization. 

If you're ready to boost your remote employees' professional lives, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find the top five remote work tools you need to know about. Keep reading to start investing in a more fulfilled, efficient team. 

1. Use Automated Writing Editors

For companies that use any kind of documentation, proofreading and editing are essential. In some cases, a simple grammar or spelling error could have serious consequences. 

When working in the office, employees have each other to rely on for this process. Let's say someone is in charge of drafting a several hundred-page legal document. Well, they could ask their coworker to take a look at the writing to ensure there aren't any typos or syntactical errors. 

Working from home, though, might make this more difficult. Sure, workers could email documents to each other. Instead, consider investing in reliable grammar-editing software systems. 

Some of the most popular options include Grammarly and Hemingway. Take some time to research these digital editors to see if they might work well for your team's needs. 

2. Businesses with International Clients Need Translation Tools

In addition to regular text editing tools, your business might have to think bigger. If you work with international clients or vendors, don't forget to prioritize some kind of trustworthy translation tools. 

As your employees work from home, they should have access to absolutely everything they need to thrive in their position. If they have to talk with clients or business partners who speak a different language than them, a translation program could be essential. With such a resource readily available, their remote work has a better chance of staying as productive as possible.

You need direct, specialized software such as Amazon Translate or Google Translate. Work with your team to ensure they have easy access to these tools and know how to optimize them for their workload.

3. Don't Underestimate the Value of Personal Growth Tools Like BetterHelp 

While remote work presents many perks for the modern employee, it also has some challenges. In particular, the lack of day-to-day coworker socialization can be difficult for workers who don't do well in isolation. Humans, after all, are a very social species, which shouldn't be overlooked just because your employees work from home now.

That's why you should be willing to also invest in the mental health of each e employee. The unfortunate truth is that poor job satisfaction (and, therefore, poor job performance) has a direct connection with poor mental health. In other words, unhappy workers lead to unhappy work.

On the other hand, when your employee knows you're willing to invest in all aspects of their life, they're more likely to perform better in their role. Be willing to assist in their overall well-being. As a result, you'll see their loyalty to you and your business grow over time.

4. Consider GoSkills for Continual Professional Development

Speaking of investing in your employees, don't forget about their professional lives, specifically. Workers who have the resources for continued growth are more inclined to strive for excellence. 

For that reason, be willing to offer them educational tools for their career development. One great option to consider might be GoSkills. It offers professionals all kinds of skill education and development to take their abilities further. Other educational resources might be LinkedIn or even YouTube courses you find that seem reliable. 

Take some time to talk with your team about what professional skills they might like to develop. That way, you'll get some insight as to what performance areas might be lacking within your team. When you start to promote their long-term growth, your business will benefit from these increased skills, too.

5. Invest in Project Management Software You Can Trust

The last, and perhaps most important, remote work tool to consider is reliable project management software. These systems specialize in centralizing the operations of a business on a digital level. Just because your team isn't working in the same physical space doesn't mean they can't work together. 

Research a potential project management system to ensure it meets all of your operational needs. It should be able to handle all work-related communications, database management, payroll for your team, and more. Plus, an in-depth customer relationship management system would be an invaluable perk. 

Imagine a centralized software system that can make all aspects of your employees' workloads easier. It can schedule appointments, send invoices to clients, and work for your team in any location with fast enough Internet. 

Not only will your company's overall productivity profit from this kind of remote work tool. In addition, your employees will be grateful for a system that encourages them to be as efficient as possible.

Make the Most of the Above Remote Work Tools

Now that you know which remote work tools you should invest in for your employees, don't stop there. Continue researching and learning about other ways to optimize your company's productivity. 

To start, we encourage you to check out the project management software system available at Halsell. The expert staff works hard with business leaders like you to optimize day-to-day efficiency. They are ready to meet your business's unique organizational needs, so contact Halsell at your convenience. 

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