Published: Sep 27, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 27, 2022

In the past, the internet was viewed as a distraction in schools. It took students' attention away from the important work of learning. Now, online programs have been created to be a part of a student's learning journey. 

Online software tools let students take learning to new heights. They help students who struggle to absorb challenging concepts and those who want to to improve and excel. Programs like Delta Math assist teachers in the classroom and help them save time.

A high school math teacher developed the online program specifically to help his students improve their work on test problems. It has since become a practical model for online that has launched across hundreds of schools.

Keep reading to learn about Delta Math and how this program boosts math education in schools. 

What is Delta Math

Delta Math is an online platform developed by teachers for teachers. It helps teach students math by working directly with test problems and providing lessons based on key problem areas. 

Students have the opportunity to practice an unlimited amount of math problems. They then get feedback from the program about the specific problem they just worked on. This creates a highly individualized student-led learning experience that empowers young people to be independent learners.

For teachers with busy classrooms, the Delta Math platform saves them a lot of time spent on menial grading work. The input test questions that give students automated results and feedback. Students don't get left unattended because they can work on their own online. 

Delta Math offers the following benefits for classrooms in grades 6-12 with valuable math tools, including:

  • Problem explanations catering to appropriate grade level
  • Curriculum aligns to Common Core problems and targeted goals
  • Automatically tracks students progress using analytics
  • Randomly generates math problems for students
  • Software designed to reduce cheating 

How Does Delta Math Work

Students receive a special code from their teachers through their email. This gives them access to their own dashboards, which tracks their progress. They also can access all of their assignments from there, including past due assignments as well as current and completed assignments.

Teachers use the Delta Math platform to provide digital math assignments for middle school and high school. The platform also lets teachers show test corrections. Students can learn from explanations and improve from their mistakes.

Delta Math uses multiple types of math problems including the following:

  • fill-in-the-blanks
  • multiple choice
  • questions with interactive models
  • timed problem sets

Teachers link each problem to a specific skill. The program can also filter out problems based on Common Core grade level or specific curriculum targets created by the teacher specially for their class.

Because it's an online platform, teachers and students can keep tracks of problems they've attempted and what skills they need to work on. The programming offers simple and easy-to-understand explanations that helps students.

How Can Teachers Use Delta Math

While teachers can link test problems online, they have to do so manually. That means they input one question at a time, which can be tedious. But the convenience and autonomy it allows for students makes up for it.

Teachers can use test questions to help remedial students or those struggling with certain concepts. Students can work through problems as a repetition to solidify math skills. 

Delta Math lets teachers create specific learning units that they link math problems too. They can set up special units for students as warm-up problems or catching up through review. They can also set up activities to correct test problems.

Classrooms can benefit from an online tool that regularly updates data of students' progress in real-time. Teachers can see exactly where their class is at in their learning goals. They can also coordinate class-wide learning online, which students can log onto anywhere that has internet access.

Solving Math Problems with Interactive Features

Delta Math relies on several visual and interactive features that help students gain a real understanding of different mathematical concepts. Its interface utilizes a hands-on self-guided approach where students can take as much time as they need on whatever problems they want to work on.

One cool thing that Delta Math offers for test problem solutions is that you can work with both 2D and 3D models. They do this using the "show solutions" option. Once in the "show solution" function, users can slide across the graph problem to see the solution as solid shapes.

Students can choose from a range of shapes, including triangles, rectangles, squares, or circular disks. For 2D displays, the sliding option fills in the solution area. Using this future, students can choose whether to work with 2D or 3D settings.

Check out this teacher-created blog post to watch videos testing out these interactive tools.

Does DeltaMath Cost Anything

Teachers can access a lot just by using Delta Math's free version, known as DeltaMath Teacher. The free version, naturally, costs nothing and includes many of the basic and key tools and features to assist teachers in their classrooms. 

Delta Math also features different priced packages, which include the following:

  • DeltaMath Plus
  • DeltaMath Integral

DeltaMath Plus offers extra tools for digital math assignments that include video instruction for all problems and the ability to upload instructional videos from Youtube. Teachers can also create their own problems, assign problems to one student or a group, and add on co-teachers, along with many other perks.

DeltaMath Integral offers everything from the first two levels plus advanced administrative tools. Integral lets teachers upload students' own work and notes. They can also print out assignments and assessments through PDF files.

The Integral package allows teachers to run diagnostics for their classes. And one of the biggest features for Integral is that you can integrate other platforms with DeltaMath, including Clever, ClassLink, Schoology, or Canvas.

You can access Delta Math from their site. 

Revolutionize Your Teaching

Delta Math works so well for teachers because it was made by teachers. The program intuitively works with what classrooms need to guarantee success for all students. 

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