Published: Oct 07, 2022 | Updated at: Oct 07, 2022 has taken the comics-loving world by storm with its free site for reading Korean comics translated into English. 

As a result, Toonily has come to dominate the international market for Asian comics, which has been growing as overseas demand has increased. Inevitably, however, many alternative sites have appeared, competing with Toonily and in some cases even surpassing it. 

So just what are the best Toonily alternatives? Keep reading to find out. 

What Is Toonily?

Toonily is a site specially designed for the enjoyment of people who love manhwa comics—that is to say, South Korean comic books and graphic novels. 

It’s a free website where manhwa-lovers can read digital comics in various genres, including fantasy, horror, comedy, and action. In many ways, Toonily is a lot like Kindle, in that users can download comics to their devices and read them whenever they want. 

Among Toonily’s many intuitive and useful features is a convenient search bar, which is handy for finding one’s favorite titles. Even better, the site’s interface is uncluttered and easy to use, with new releases popping up right on the home screen. Toonily also updates with new titles regularly, which is why it’s so popular with manhwa enthusiasts. 

Toonily also includes many comics that are translated into English for free, and this is why the site is very popular with non-Korean speakers.  

The 6 Best Toonily Alternatives

So there’s a lot going for, but it’s not the only player around. And this can be a lifesaver, since some have trouble accessing Toonily due to legal restrictions. 

There are plenty of Toonily competitors on the web, and the truth is there are so many that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to determine which are the best. If your goal in 2022 is to find the best free manhwa sites, we’ve assembled a list of six of the best Toonily alternatives you can access right now. 

1. MangaFreak

MangaFreak is without question one of the better alternatives for Toonily. 

For one thing, it has an excellent interface for mobile devices, with many convenient features. Its selection of comics is top-notch, with numerous genres represented. The site also keeps a record of the comics you’ve read, storing them in your history so you can return to them later. 

Or, if you’d prefer, you can download the comics to your computer or mobile device, and read it offline at some later date. And one of MangaFreak’s most endearing features is that there are no advertisements to interrupt your reading. 

2. Webtoon

Webtoon has experienced explosive growth in recent years, and has even challenged the traditional domination of Japanese manga in the international market. 

Webtoon provides an extensive collection of high-quality manhwa comics translated into English, and its website is easy to use and features new and popular titles. There’s also a mobile app that makes downloading and reading comics on your phone or tablet a cinch. 

As another bonus, this time for comic creators and artists, Webtoon Canvas is a feature that allows content creators to publish their comics on Webtoon so they can distribute their vision to a wider audience. 

3. Comixology

Comixology is a cloud-based website, with a gigantic library of over 100,000 titles. 

One of the more successful competitors for Toonily, Comixology was formed in 2007, and later acquired by Amazon in 2014. The site now offers the best in Korean, Chinese, American, and Japanese manga, and its integration with Amazon’s ecosystem makes it a great choice as a Toonily competitor. 

The interface is acceptable, and you can enjoy your comics without the hassle of pop-ups and advertisements. For this reason, Comixology is definitely one of the best Toonily alternatives we can think of. 

4. MangaFox

With MangaFox, you’ve got another fantastic Toonily alternative. 

In fact, this site is so popular it has been targeted by fraudsters, who’ve cloned and mirrored the site to make a profit. That’s a measure of how successful MangaFox has become, with a pleasing user interface and experience, and a site that’s very easy to navigate. 

Comics fans also love the adaptive zoom feature, which makes the reading experience much more enjoyable. Plus, MangaFox has an Android app for users who like to stay on the move. 

5. is another free Toonily alternative, with a vast collection of manhwa and webtoons. Although readers can enjoy the free content, donations are welcomed and encouraged. 

This site is very accessible, and the English translations are crisp, idiomatic, and free of grammatical mistakes. The images, meanwhile, are all clear and sharp, and perfectly adapted to mobile devices. What more could a manhwa-lover want? 

6. Renta

Finally, let’s take a look at our last Toonily alternative: Renta. 

As the name suggests, Renta is a premium manga and manhwa rental service. It gives you access to just about any title for 48 hours. And if your reading habits are particularly voracious, you can even subscribe to an unlimited plan if you want more time. 

Renta’s interface is very simple and intuitive, and its web layout is clean and a joy to use. Especially if you love manhwa in the romance genres, you’re going to love Renta. 

Find the Best Alternatives to remains one of the best sources of free manhwa content on the internet. 

But it’s not the only game in town, with a host of alternatives appearing in recent years to sate the world’s growing appetite for Korean comics. So if you’re looking for something more than what Toonily has to offer, go ahead and check out the six great competitors listed above. 

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