Published: Sep 01, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 01, 2022

Around 16% of companies worldwide have already gone fully remote. The number greatly increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, as did the technology available to enable companies to do so. 

By considering setting up a remote company, you're giving your business a great shot at being successful. There are several reasons to make the switch to a fully remote company. Your remote employees will enjoy having the opportunity to work from home, making them more productive in their work.

To learn more about building a fully remote company, have a look at the tips below. 

You'll Save Money

As expenses rise, more and more businesses are considering going remote to help save them money. Having a remote workspace means you save on employee insurance, lighting, electricity, and heat. These all have huge overheads, so getting rid of them is a big advantage for many companies. 

You'll also avoid paying a mortgage on your office space or renting one out. These are big expenses and are especially taxing on small companies.  

Your company will also have a big impact on your carbon footprint if you go remote. The energy costs you save not only leave more money for your business, but it's also much better and cleaner for the environment. 

Less Workplace Sickness

With fewer employees in the office, there is less chance for viruses and illnesses to spread between people. In a world just awakening from a global pandemic, employee health and well-being is a top priority for employers. That's why going remote is such a good idea.

When your employees have fewer days off due to being sick, your company is more productive. More work will be done and deadlines met efficiently. You'll also spend less money on sick pay. 

Another aspect of health that remote working may improve is mental health. Many employees find the idea of working from home without their boss or co-workers watching them more relaxing. This relieves stress and allows for more work to be done. Mental health is an important part of sickness that employers must be mindful of. 

A Remote Company Is Attractive to Potential Employees

Your employees may already want to work from home but have been concerned about raising this possibility with management. By implementing this process as an employer, you present yourself as a leader who will always strive to put their employee's needs and wants first. 

A remote position is also attractive to new employers. Younger generations are increasingly seeking "work from home" opportunities. This helps them achieve the work/life balance they are looking for after they leave college and university. 

Remote work also widens the talent pool you're able to choose from when it comes to hiring new employees. If a company is fully remote, they can hire people from all over the world, so they always get to pick from the top talent. Just make sure you discuss time-zone limitations with a potential new remote hire. 

The Technology to Do It Already Exists

From Trello to the best CRM available, the technology to go remote is already in use and is easily accessible. You can stay in touch with your employees easily throughout the working day. 

The technology available for remote work also allows employees to share important files and documents more easily. This means no one is ever left out of a significant workplace conversation if they can't make a meeting. Your employees will even be able to share presentations, which makes any company information easily accessible. 

Instead of services such as Clickup or simple CRM software, consider checking out Halsell. Get guidance on free CRM and CRM properties, working from home, and how to go fully remote for your business from the expert team at Halsell. 

It Can Improve Employee Productivity

Remote work has been proven to increase productivity in employees. This is usually because there are fewer distractions at home. To some, this may seem counterintuitive. After all, couldn't employees get distracted by neighbors, personal calls, or even TV when they're at home?

It seems the opposite is true. Employees who work from home tend to be more focused and give themselves dedicated work time to get through the day's tasks. 

It also limits the chance for your employees to be overburdened with work. Having too much to do causes employees to become burnt out and unable to complete any task efficiently. Working from means they are less likely to be laden with more tasks than they can handle. 

Employees also feel they have more of a work/life balance when they don't have that dreaded early morning commute. This improves productivity because employees don't feel they are wasting hours every day driving to and from work. 

So, How Do You Go Remote? 

Creating a remote business is easier than you might think. There are just a few simple steps to follow to get the process started.

Firstly, if you're already an established business, ensure your current employees are aware of the change. Ask them about where they might be able to work at home and if they have a dedicated workspace.

Secondly, trial the technology available. Try out Halsell to get the most out of your new remote-working experience. 

Finally, going remote is simply a matter of trial and error. If you're switching from a building to remote-working, try out three days remote and two days in the office to see how it feels. There may be bumps along the way, but if you use Halsell, you'll be able to tackle any remote-working problems easily. 

There Are So Many Remote Company Benefits

Going fully remote has never been easier. With all the technology available dedicated to making the process as easy as possible, now is the right time to do it. 

You'll enjoy many advantages including saving costs, greater employee productivity, and positively impacting the environment. Plus, you never have to worry about not being able to reach your employees, thanks to services like Halsell. They keep the process hassle-free and will make all your remote working goals a possibility. 

To find out more about the benefits of going fully remote, contact Halsell. Get all the best advice on how to build a completely remote or hybrid company from a friendly and dedicated team. 

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