Published: Aug 25, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 01, 2022

With over 3 million registered real estate agents in the U.S., getting a leg up in the housing market is tough.

That is why more and more real estate teams are turning to CRM software to help them manage leads and properties, stay on top of client billing needs, and place their focus where it needs to be. But, how do you choose the right CRM software to meet your unique needs?

The options out there can seem overwhelming and even impossible to navigate. This is why we've done all the hard work for you.

Read on to find out which top five real estate CRM software options are available to make your job easier. 

What Does CRM Stand For?

If you are unfamiliar with what CRM stands for, then you should know that it means customer relationship management. 

CRM software, therefore, is a database of customer information. However, it can also include tools to communicate with clients, find leads, create marketing campaigns, and generate analytical reports. 

There are also industry-specific CRMs, such as for real estate agents. These programs are designed to communicate with home-buyers, manage the house buying process, and track commission goals.

Top 5 Real Estate CRM Software

Real estate CRMs might have the same purpose of organizing your list of current and potential clientele. However, they may not have the same features and tools.

For example, some CRMs focus on gaining leads while others are geared toward client satisfaction. 

It may be difficult to choose which one is best for your company, so focus on your goals as a real estate agent as you go through the list below. 

1. Halsell

Halsell is a CRM software provider that places all your needs in one simple platform. 

From importing your existing data to assigning specific roles to your team members, Halsell makes it easy to delegate tasks and keep your records in one place. 

Another unique feature is the ability to use the CRM to gain leads. Use it to do the following:

  • Assign phone numbers to staff
  • Call up to 30 numbers per second
  • Buy phone leads
  • Automate outbound call campaigns
  • Create redirects and actions inbound
  • Develop per-call analytical data

Halsell also helps you combine your in-house and remote team collaboration efforts by improving the lines of communication on one platform. 

2. Streak

With an average of 100 emails being received each day, it is a challenge to get your message noticed by potential clients. 

One of the great benefits of a CRM with Streak is that it works with your Gmail account. This makes it a valuable option for real estate teams who want to keep training to a minimum since it operates in a system already familiar to your staff. 

And even though it is basically an extension to your email, it has many unique features to gain real estate leads and organize contacts company-wide, including:

  • Streamlined email sharing
  • Permission delegating
  • Progress tracking
  • Data calculating
  • Analytical report viewing 

Streak also allows you to create customized templates to conduct personalized email blasts to customers. And, you can use snippets to paste common messages without all the retyping. 

3. Propertybase

One of your options for software CRMs is to go beyond customer tracking. Propertybase does just that by offering more tools for all aspects of your business, from website design to marketing campaigning. 

If you choose to stick to the CRM function only then you will get features like:

  • A listing manager
  • Role-specific modules
  • Calendar integration
  • Live dashboard updates
  • Lead tracking and automated follow-up emailing
  • Commission and interaction analytics

Another benefit of Propertybase is that they have two package options: one that is ready to go and the other that is customized for your business. 

4. Zillow Premier Agent

The benefits of CRM with Zillow Premier Agent is that is specifically designed for real estate agents and has a reputable name already in the industry. This makes it the perfect software for interacting with your home-buying clients as you can share properties and track the house-hunting process. 

Additional features of this CRM include:

  • Convenient app
  • Text messaging from the app
  • One-on-one client relationships
  • Mobile notifications and reminders
  • One-touch communication options
  • Live chats
  • Custom reporting

Another unique trait of Zillow Premier Agent is that the cost of the software is based on the zip code and is determined by the number of home buyers in the area. 

5. Wise Agent

If you are in the market for updating your CRM software, then you can sign up with Wise Agent using its 14-day trial. They even help you with the initial onboarding to get your team set up. 

This includes 24/7 support from people who know all about the real estate world because it was created by agents like you. 

Other features that you may enjoy are:

  • Lead management tools and reports
  • Landing page platform creation
  • Mobile app for on-the-go updates
  • Call list organization
  • Automated marketing like newsletters, emails, and flyers
  • Individual or team goal tracker

Wise Agent also comes with tax assistance that keeps track of your accounting, from expenses to mileage. Then it generates a tax or mileage report overview. 

The Future of CRM for Your Business 

As you can see the future of real estate CRM software is automation. They not only store data, but they also create it for you. CRMs also are becoming more user-friendly, mobile, and integrative.

Halsell is a leading innovative CRM software provider that can streamline your customer relations and improve in-house collaboration to increase your profits. 

Join our platform today to see what we can do for you. 

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