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Published: Aug 23, 2022 | Updated at: Jun 17, 2023

Learning how to close real estate deals is an essential skill for any real estate agent. Much like the closer in baseball or the last act in a show, you've got to be able to sell it! The average real estate agent earns more than $100,000 yearly; if you're good, you can make much more. 

Close more real estate deals by learning how to negotiate, making phone calls, and making your listings stand out. Moreover, get and stay organized. Following these steps will ensure your success.

Here's more on how to close real estate deals.  

Learning How to Negotiate

The current real estate market has many people paying more for properties rather than less, so negotiation is a real estate agent skill you must perfect. Know the worth of a property and do your research before stepping into any situation. Be in the driver's seat!

Some agents find it best to make the first offer when buying and selling properties, hoping the other party will bite. Consider discussing the property in absolute numbers rather than ballpark figures when talking about offers. The other party will know where you stand.

Don't talk too much, and be sure to listen. Also, ask a lot of open-ended questions to get broad responses. 

There's much to negotiate when handling a real estate sale, including closing costs. Walking away when things get heated or the price gets too high is also essential. 

Making Phone Calls

Work the phones. And do it often. 

Working the phones is an important real estate agent skill to conquer when buying and selling properties. You want to keep in touch with your clients to find out what the latest is about each property. Phone calls help you keep on top of any problems and issues.

Do phone calls distract you throughout the day? Make it part of your real estate strategy to block out daily times to make phone calls about the types of property you are handling. Create a list of people you need to call about financial or renovation issues. 

Creating Great Listings

Close your real estate deals by allowing people to see a property and instantly fall in love. Creating excitement, appeal, and demand will allow you to close a deal quickly. Make it a part of your real estate strategy to create a high-end listing for your properties to make them attractive. 

Be descriptive in your listings and leave no stone unturned. Tell people exactly what they are getting when buying and selling. Some people may be looking for a deal and want a home that needs repair or renovation.

Hire a photographer to make your listings stand out. Professional photos often 'pop' and will highlight parts of the home most attractive to buyers and sellers. Showcase something unique in the house, such as a chef's kitchen, library, pool, or game room. 

About seven in ten Americans use social media daily. Social media needs to be a good portion of your real estate strategy to sell, sell, sell. With 'likes' and 'shares,' the reach for buying and selling these types of property is endless.

Are you struggling with the right words to sell your property? Talk with a language expert about how to create a great listing. There are plenty of online resources available where you can learn the basics of how to write sellable ad copy. 

Be sure you don't overpromise and underdeliver. Leaving a buyer or seller disappointed can ruin your chances of sealing the deal. You want to make the process easy in addition to closing the buy promptly. 

Getting Organized

A lack of organizational skills will derail any business venture, including real estate. Staying on top of things will help you close any real estate deal faster because you will avoid searching for details at the last minute. You can do this with real estate software, lists, and a limit on distractions.

Real Estate Software

Real estate software keeps track of your listings, contacts, and floor plans. You can keep tabs on mortgage applications. Moreover, real estate software can also help lead generation and even organize social media.

Think about the investment as giving you an immediate boost to your bottom line! You'll soon realize you can't close a real estate deal without real estate software. 


Creating 'to-do' lists is an effective way to keep on top of your tasks throughout the day. Keep a separate notebook or use real estate software.

Before heading to bed each evening, write down what you'd like to accomplish for the next day, rather than writing things down in the morning. Simply keep a running list and cross off what you accomplish throughout the day.  

Lists help you limit anxiety throughout the day. You know what needs to be done! You can avoid being overwhelmed and take things step by step.

Completing a list also helps you see your achievements. You will get immediate gratification throughout the day as you accomplish each task. 

Limit Distractions 

Your goal is to close the real estate deal, so limiting distractions is critical. Focus on getting to that step. 

Some people may find it helpful to turn the phone off or shut the door to the office. To help you focus, it might help to put your list on sticky notes on the wall. In addition, have a plan! 

Tips on How to Close Real Estate Deals 

Tips on how to close real estate deals include learning how to negotiate, making phone calls, and making your listings stand out. Moreover, getting and staying organized will help you juggle multiple deals. Mastering these skills will help you close real estate deals much quicker and more often. 

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