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Published: Sep 08, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 08, 2022

Although only 22% of organizations use project management software, a vast majority of users report a higher performing staff and increased profits. 

If you haven't adopted CRM and project management software for your business, you are losing out on profit. You need a robust CRM and project management tool to increase team productivity. Keep reading to learn more about the features that differentiate Halsell from Basecamp. 

What Is a CRM? 

CRM software offers an organized framework that helps businesses save time, effort, and money. CRM software enables businesses to interact with customers and improve their customer service.

As a result, client retention and satisfaction rates jump, resulting in higher profitability. In addition to boosting external relations, CRM software helps companies monitor their staff.

CRMs can be used to track productivity levels, project progress, and more. Businesses need to invest in top-notch CRMs to improve their profit margins. 

What Is Basecamp? 

Basecamp is a platform for team collaboration and project management. More than three million accounts were registered to utilize the program as of 2021. Basecamp is one of the more established project management CRMs on the market. However, many people are looking toward newer alternatives due to their expanded list of features. 

Basecamp is a real-time communication platform that monitors project development and manages tasks. The Basecamp program enables collaboration across the entire company. You can create boards for various teams and projects while getting a full picture of what's going on with the business.

What Is Halsell? 

Halsell works to combine the best aspects of CRMs' VOIP, collaborative docs, and data management into one place. Integrating these different services into a single platform streamlines your work.

Key Features to Look For 

When you are picking software for your business, it is important to know what features make it stand out. Here are some of the features to look for when comparing different types of software. 

Voice Over Internet Protocols

By using a broadband Internet connection Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can make phone calls. VoIP services range in their ability to connect you with other users.

This software lets you call, text, and auto-dial your team to promote a healthy level of communication. Some VoIP services could limit your ability to connect with other users of the same service. However, Halsell works to give you the best opportunities to connect with your team. 

Project Management 

Project management features give team leaders oversight to track multiple projects simultaneously. On Basecamp and Halsell, you can manage projects by combining project planning, resource management, team collaboration, finance and billing, time tracking, and reporting.

By leveraging project management dashboards, you can see what areas need more resources. This oversight can help carry projects over the finish line. 

Chat Features

On Halsell and Basecamp, you may connect your project system directly to the email and chat services. This lets your team connect about a specific project with ease. 

By integrating chat features, data can flow back and forth automatically between your project software and the email and chat applications that your team and stakeholders use.

Calendar Synchronization 

Being able to integrate your calendar and other apps allows you to clear your workspace and boost your productivity levels. 

When you have too many different programs and pieces of software spread out across your desk, it might be difficult to perform your work. At Halsell, we utilize web-based software that combines features to streamline your work.

Managerial Permissions Dashboard

Although Basecamp and Halsell use a cloud-based system, they both give upper-level administrative access to managers so they can grant permissions and access to specific dashboards and projects. These roles and permissions features ensure that projects are assigned to their specific team and no one gets overwhelmed sifting through miscellaneous assignments or files. 

Automated Marketing Campaigns 

Halsell offers marketing automation. This software lets you blast your contacts with an email or text message. These different points of contact help to build rapport and improve the employee-customer relationship. 

Automating your email marketing systems is one of the best ways to find out more about your customers. Based on certain triggers that your marketing team has established inside your marketing automation platform, it is feasible to send automatic emails to website visitors.

Businesses that use marketing automation provide their customers with personalized experiences. Platforms for marketing automation can also be used to manage teams.

Payroll Management 

Cloud-based payroll software keeps track of and automates employee payments. Effective payroll software can help businesses of all sizes stay in compliance with tax laws and other financial rules.

This kind of integration also is an asset because it frees up the HR and accounting team to work on other projects. Payroll management features are only accessible on Halsell. 

Performance Trackers

On Halsell, you can use Employee Productivity Tracker as a tool to organize and manage your time. This tracker will show you employees' productivity levels. You can use this information to see who has the bandwidth to take on new responsibilities.

These trackers help you by delivering real-time data that can be utilized to motivate employees. You can also monitor employees' progress to address where some members of the team may be falling short.  Performance trackers can make it easier to monitor employees' progress.

Pick the Best Project Management Software 

Basecamp? Or Halsell? The choice is clear.

Halsell offers a wide variety of features that will help you become more effective and profitable. Invest in robust CRM and project management software to help your organization reach its potential. Contact us today to get Halsell for your business. 

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