Published: Oct 03, 2022 | Updated at: Oct 03, 2022


Imagine that you're trying to schedule a virtual meeting between six busy individuals across three time zones. They each have different days off, separate lunch breaks, and unique childcare duties to consider. You've asked for their availability and received a series of vague, garbled emails full of maybes and contradictions.

In the end, the only mutual meeting time seems to be... 2:00 AM on a Saturday. That can't be right, can it? 

When2meet takes the stress and guesswork out of finding a mutual meeting time, whether you're meeting with one person or a dozen. It uses a unique visual interface to display trends in availability. There is no need to sign up, and participants can access your poll on any device. 

While there any many scheduling apps out there, few are as simple and intuitive as a When2Meet poll. We've created this guide to help simplify scheduling for good. 

Read on to explore everything there is to know about how to use when2meet and take the stress out of planning a meeting

What Is When2Meet?

When2Meet is a scheduling app with a unique visual interface that makes finding mutual availability a breeze. The service is free, and you won't need to register to get started. You'll gain access to a unique URL that you can use to find the best time to hold a meeting, a party, or a rain date. 

As participants share their availability and note their conflicts, they'll see an interactive schedule matrix update in real-time. It allows for incredible specificity. Respondents can share their availability in 15-minute chunks.

You won't have to limit yourself to finite scheduling windows, either. On most calendar apps, you must select a potential window for the meeting, such as 1:00 - 2:00. With When2Meet, users can respond within a much broader window, so they won't have to opt-out if their best availability is 1:30 - 2:30. 

Best of all, the free app isn't full of distracting ads. It's a clean, straightforward interface with a clear purpose. Users don't need any tech savvy to participate. 

Creating Your First Poll

To create your first poll, navigate to the when2meet homepage. Start by entering a name for your event.

You'll be able to create an event matrix based on two categories: the dates and times that might work. First, select a date range when your event could conceivably take place by clicking or dragging those dates on the calendar. Then, indicate the time zone and the earliest and latest possible meeting times using the drop-down menus. 

Click "create event," and you're ready to share the poll with others. You can share it via Facebook or email directly on the page. You can also copy and paste your unique when2meet poll URL and share it however you like. 

After that, all you need to do is wait for others to participate in your poll. Participants can begin voting immediately. 

How to Participate in a When2Meet Poll

When2meet saves you time because you don't need to register to create a poll or to vote. Before a user can participate, they need to select a display name that will be recognizable to the organizer. Users can create a poll-specific password if they may need to update their availability after voting. 

Users can also use a drop-down menu to indicate their timezone, so all times will automatically convert. 

If the user is the first to vote in the poll, they won't have access to any data. A master schedule will populate with a color-coded matrix as more people participate. Subsequent voters can consider other voters' availability when making their selections.

When voting, users can select 15-minute blocks of time or click and drag to select a larger block. Their availability will instantly show up on the matrix. The best times will appear in dark green, and the worst times will be in white. 

If a user accidentally selects a time that won't work, they can deselect that time by clicking on any square they wish to erase. The change will display on the group matrix. 

From there, users are free to close the window and walk away. If they need to change answers later, they can log in with their optional password and change their availability.

How to Choose the Best Meeting Time

Once everyone has voted, it's usually up to the organizer to choose the best time. Sometimes the best block is clear because everyone is available. Other times, you may need to prioritize individual participants. 

At any time, users can hover over a block of time to see which participants are available. When2meet will display a clear list of everyone who has voted and whether or not they indicated that they are free. The organizer can use that data to decide the ideal time to hold the event. 

Ultimately, when2meet is an easy, no-frills way to plan and organize events. There are no usernames to remember or passwords to lose. It's easy to use on a phone, browser, tablet, or other internet-enabled devices. 

The true benefit of using this app is that you don't need to predict when you think participants might be available. You can offer the broadest number of days and times and receive specific, immediate data. When2meet takes all the guesswork out of scheduling. 

Make Scheduling a Snap with When2Meet

Say farewell to your old schedule apps and the days in which you had to hold three different meetings to accommodate every conflict. With When2Meet, finding time in common is easy. There is no sign-up required.

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