Published: Sep 29, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 29, 2022

Did you know that, on average, 11.4% of investment goes to waste because of poor project performance? It’s high time your business recognizes the value of project management in driving change. And a good example of an agile software program that can empower your teams is Jira.

With Jira, you get an overview of your team activity, customize important workflows, and complete scrum projects. But with its outdated interface and plenty of inefficiencies, Jira is difficult to learn and not suitable for small businesses or startups.

As you think about Jira alternatives, consider how your team communicates and handles projects and the features you need. You may narrow your options to the following six project management software.

1. Halsell

Halsell bundles up all the tools a business needs in one place for productivity. Whether you need project management software or sales and marketing tools, the program covers your needs.

With Halsell, you can create complex to simple data structures and assign them custom fields. You can even structure the data to reflect the needs of your departments. The program also makes it easy to import data to your chosen database in one click.

And when you have tasks to assign and deadlines to set, Halsell can help you delegate them to a department, person, or team. It also allows roles and permissions to be granted based on a project or task.

Team members can even comment on projects and communicate with each other. Halsell's pricing plans include Free for 14 days, Business ($19 per user per month), and Enterprise.

2. ClickUp

As one of the world’s best software programs for productivity, ClickUp offers most of the integrations and features found on Jira at no cost. The free version features super-rich text editing, task checklists, to-do lists, and Assigned Comments, among others. You can also turn to ClickApps to choose features for a particular workspace in one click.

ClickUp boasts top-rated customer support and plenty of customization options. The program allows you to customize your team’s experiences. You can also assign certain team members the Admin title to empower them to disable or enable ClickApps when necessary.

Overall, ClickUp is a good alternative to Jira if you need to use several platforms to manage projects. In terms of pricing, the program is available under a Free Forever Plan that allows unlimited users and projects and a premium (paid) plan that is at least $5/user monthly.

3. Trello

Trello is a great Jira alternative if you are looking for a simpler board view with status updates and cards. Though it shares the same parent company as Jira, it offers a lot more. It’s a great option for a small software development team looking for a fairly-priced tool for managing multiple projects.

Trello’s power-ups allow you to add a Gantt chart or burndown charts. You also get the chance to add your preferred features at no cost at the beginning.

With Trello, you can assign tasks, switch to the Kanban board view, set reminders and drag and drop cards. You can also set tags, categories, and labels and enjoy lots of integrations. Trello’s pricing starts from free and then proceeds to $10 per user per month.


As a Work OS program, makes the creation and automation of customizable workflows easy. It focuses on making projects more efficient. Work OS is basically a cloud-based platform that enables teams to plan, execute and monitor projects, processes, and day-to-day work.

Whether you are handling HR, marketing, or finance tasks, can help streamline them for you. The program offers a visual collaborative workspace that you can use to manage these tasks.

With, you get real-time notifications and easy-to-use automation tools. Your teams can also collaborate on projects. Its key benefits include data visualization, comprehensive analytics, customized work automation, and lots of app integrations.

The service costs zero dollars for two seats on the free plan and $8 per seat monthly under the Basic plan. It also costs $10 per seat monthly for the Standard plan and $16 per seat monthly for the Pro plan. You can also ask for the Custom enterprise plan.

5. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a great Jira alternative if your business needs an agile project management tool. The program gives a shared look at priorities, allowing teams to prioritize tasks. Its hotfixes, features, and backlog lists also make it easier for teams to pick and choose projects.

You can even plan iterations with Pivotal Tracker’s guided tracker designed to split tasks into manageable bits. With Pivotal Tracker, you can estimate and prioritize tasks with your teams and manage multiple projects in different workspaces. You also get features like story points, an automated consistency tracker, and dashboard reporting for trends and time.

In terms of pricing, the program is available on a free plan that allows a maximum of five users. The paid plans start at $10 per month, allowing more users and offering more features.

6. ProofHub

Compared to Jira software, ProofHub offers more team and project management flexibility. You can count on this program for ultimate control over your communications, projects, tasks, and teams. Its Kanban boards, agile workflows, and simple to-do lists offer this level of flexibility.

ProofHub also features Gantt charts that you can use to plan projects. It also comes with a built-in chat app to centralize your office communications. With this program, you also get an online proofing tool that makes it easier to share feedback and reviews.

The free plan offers basic features to users with limited requirements on personal projects. On the other hand, the Ultimate Control plan (which costs $89 per month and is billed annually) allows unlimited projects and supports unlimited users.

Ready to Explore Jira Alternatives?

It’s no secret that Jira alternatives offer many benefits, from time tracking to robust collaboration and superior flexibility. You also get to enjoy comprehensive issue tracking, to-do lists, mobile app integration, and search functionality. Give these alternatives a chance if you want to upgrade from Jira.

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