Published: Sep 08, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 08, 2022

In 2022, it has been reported that 91% of all companies rely on CRM software tools to drive their sales and marketing efforts. Many software companies produce their own products that offer essential CRM tools. Your company might already use CRM software but has considered exploring new options.

While Salesforce remains the main player in the field of top CRM software, perhaps you want to look for different solutions. Consider discovering new innovative analysis tools by implementing a cool salesforce alternative.

Start researching alternatives that could serve your company's needs in offering leading business insights and customer analytics software. Keep reading to learn more about one alternative to the salesforce cloud.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management, also called CRM, describes the practices and guidelines that companies employ to engage with their customer base. Companies use different tools to connect with people and spot trends.

Some ways that companies reach out to customers include:

  • Markting email blasts
  • Phone calls
  • Surveys
  • Social media
  • Website or landing pages

The field of CRM refers most specifically to the technology and software that exists to help companies navigate every aspect of the customer's journey. CRM software has tools that help companies manage communication channels. It helps with all the stages of customer interaction, which include:

  • Discovery
  • Education
  • Purchase
  • After the purchase

CRM software has become a rapidly growing sector within the last decade with more companies wanting to make data-driven decisions to improve their products and services. This type of software falls under the overall category of software as a service, or SaaS. CRM programs utilize different technologies.

CRM Software

This type of software sets up a central place to store all types of customer data. These categories of data would include purchase history, stored credit card information, or contact information. There might also be ways to organize and file data about prior interactions with troubleshooting or customer reviews.

The CRM software takes these elements from multiple sources to gather it all into one place that's easy to find and accessible for an entire team of employees. 

CRM leads to higher productivity and efficiencies in managing customer relationships. Software programs might send out sales materials or promotional marketing campaigns. It uses automated technology to track customers to cater to their needs specifically.

Sales Cloud Software

CRM cloud software programs rely on internet connections to collect data. Because of the connection to the cloud, these tools can collect data in real time. It boosts analytical tools because the data always stays up-to-date to the second. 

Using software that connects to the cloud also makes data easier to access. It usually updates automatically, doesn't require manual installments, and doesn't go out of date. It also allows for more remote access as long as you have internet access.

Sales cloud software keeps data in a decentralized place that can be accessible by anyone offsite. 

Cloud-based software comes at a high cost than typical software programs that function in-house. Some risks of relying on sales cloud software might include compromised data. 

The security of customer data could be weakened if a company no longer exists or if someone manages to hack into the cloud. Because of its remote accessibility, cloud-based software solutions become more vulnerable to anyone getting in.

Should Your Company Invest in CRM Software

As companies grow and their customer lists become more extensive, they require better ways to organize databases. More traditional data collection, like using spreadsheets can have limits. Not growing data and organization solutions can create problems down the road.

Your company also needs CRM tools when there's a large number of employees. This includes different departments.

If each department has a separate database, things can quickly get out of hand. There'd be no consistency and some updates would fall through the cracks.

CRM and sales cloud software lets all parts of the company stay in the same place. It ensures that all channels that collect data from customers send that information all to the same place. It relies on automation to organize and quickly categorize customers for tailored insights. 

Investing in CRM software also saves a lot of time. It cuts down on salespeople needing to manually close sales or track customers. This also lets processes run with no interruptions as it updates in real time.

Investing in a Salesforce Alternative

Halsell stands out as a solid competitor to Salesforce CRM software because its products include some of the major key features that made Salesforce so popular for businesses. But Halsell offers these same solutions at lower prices. 

Our software has been designed to level-up customer relationships. It has features that store different sets of data, including:

  • History of past purchases
  • Customers' preferences 
  • Contact and demographic information
  • Geographic information
  • Records of customer service interactions

You can add more specific data by writing in "notes" to your files. And the software helps with team-driven efforts because it can automatically set up task assignments.

This leads to better customer service because your employees will have easy access to all the necessary information. This can help them be more effective in closing sales and keeping track of leads and clients. 

As CRM technology continues to develop, you want to consider new companies that come up to find newer solutions to address loopholes that come up. Halsell offers services very similar to Salesforce with the same top-notch quality. You can pay less for excellent features and also benefit from a fresh perspective. 

Choose the Best Fit Solution

Salesforce has won awards and consistently gets listed as the top cloud-based customer software program. However, recently more companies have developed their own software programs. The field now has a lot of competition, so choosing the right one can prove hard. 

Halsell offers one of the best salesforce alternatives because it matches the quality and scope. Our products deliver the same results that put Salesforce on the map. 

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