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Published: Oct 07, 2022 | Updated at: Oct 07, 2022

If you're anything like the 200 million Americans playing video games in the States, you're probably into gaming as an industry and hobby.

But you may not have heard of Roblox, or if you have, you may not be sure how to play it or if it requires downloading.

Read more to find out about this long-standing game and how you can play the Roblox version today. 

What's Roblox? 

So what's Roblox? It's an online platform and game creation system where you can play games created by other users.

These can range from life or school simulators, such as Welcome to Bloxburg and MeepCity, to obstacle courses and mystery games, among others. With 220 million monthly players, it's a staple of the online gaming industry that's been around since 2006. 

One of the best things about Roblox is that since the games are user created, you can play anything that you want, or make your own if the game you want to play doesn't exist. This way you can flex your creativity and put your game development skills to the test within the game's limits. 


There are plenty of ways to play video games on the internet, but what's, and how is it different from the others?

Well, you're likely part of the 6.6 billion people in the world who have a cell phone or other mobile device. is made for iOS and Android users to be able to play games they otherwise would only be able to play on a PC or other device on their phones. 

And that's not all. isn't solely dedicated to making more games available to people on their phones. You can play them on Mac and Chromebook as well, which have small libraries of games that are coded to run on their platforms. 

Although alternatives for exist, these are often dedicated to one genre of game or a singular game entirely, whereas has plenty of options for various gameplay styles. Whether you're a fan of action, puzzle, or strategy games, they've got you covered. 

How to Play the Roblox Version

If you're interested in Roblox, at this point you might be wondering how you can play it. Well if you don't have a PC at all or don't have the space to download it on your computer, there's no need to worry. Roblox is a way you can play it without downloading. alternatives often don't give you that option.

This means you won't have to worry about not having the space on your phone or it not working correctly on an app. Keep in mind that it isn't Roblox, but And you can easily schedule your gaming time around your other responsibilities since you don't need to be at your computer to play.

What Kind of Game Features Are in Roblox? 

If a game creation system sounds a little overwhelming, here's a breakdown of some of the features within the game. This includes the actual game features such as gameplay and user interface and social features.

Game Features

Since all of the games are user created, there is a myriad of items and other features specific to the type of gameplay.

For example, in pet or life simulators, the focus may be on adopting new pets, which you can house and care for, clothing that's tailored to the specific game, or home-building where you can build your ideal house and furnish it. There are even different types of terrain such as snow, sand, and grass. 

Some other features include health, which can be used in first-person shooters and fighting games, and even the types of animals that inhabit the environment, like dragons for fantasy or medieval settings.

Alternatives for Roblox may also have features like this, but because they're focused often on one genre, they lack the game creation value and personalization that Roblox has. 

Social Features

But Roblox is more than a platform where you play games on your own and don't interact with other users. In fact, many games rely on multiplayer interactions. These can enhance the possibilities for games you can play on Roblox, especially fighting and adventure games.

And Roblox has some dedicated social features and capabilities as well, which take the form of the form of emotes, in-game chat, and friends features. 


Emotes are actions that display the emotion of the player at that time. The most common ones are dance, wave, and laugh, which are three of the universal emotes that anyone can use. In addition, there are plenty of emotes available for purchase that can let you portray in just a moment how you're feeling with your character.

Roblox alternatives often have emote features as well, but similarly, players using a base-level character are often limited in the emotes that they can use while those that pay will have access to more emote options. 


The chat is the primary way of talking to your friends or others that are playing a game with you. You can easily bring this up in-game by using the keyboard shortcut or clicking/tapping on the chat icon. 


Another way you can socialize through Roblox is by making friends. With friends you can chat in both groups and individually, and play games with each other. Making friends is easy, as you can just go to their profile and add them as a friend, and if they accept it, you're set.

Roblox has a great user interface that keeps you organized in the same way you keep your personal or work life organized by having a Friends section, which lets you easily message your friends and keep up with what they're doing. 

Join a Community of Players

Playing Roblox on can be a great way to not only experience new types of games with other players or even games inspired by others. And you start to develop your own games and technical abilities within an understandable format, rather than attempting to code a game from scratch. 

The Roblox version is a great way to enjoy Roblox with access to just a mobile browser, broadening Roblox's market to those who wouldn't be able to play it otherwise. If this sounds like a good time, check out roblox has to offer and start your adventure. 

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