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Published: Oct 04, 2022 | Updated at: Oct 04, 2022

Consumer services is one of the most important industries out there because these are the companies that deal with customers directly. 

At the end of 2021, there were about 2.9 million jobs directly related to this industry. 

Nevertheless, there are some large companies out there that are known for being involved in consumer service. 

What companies are in the consumer services field? Is consumer service a good career path? 

These are five consumer service companies that you should keep an eye on. 

What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field? 

So, you are looking for companies in this field. You may not have thought of all of these, but these are five big companies that you can watch. 

5. Uber 

One of the biggest companies that deals with consumer services is Uber. This was a company that helped start the rideshare app, allowing people to order the equivalent of a taxi with the click of a button. 

It is based in San Francisco, CA but has about 29,000 employees working for them all across the world. A lot of these people work outside the United States because Uber is available in several countries. 

They work in consumer services by sending drivers out to pick you up and take you to your final destination safely. Uber works with drivers by verifying a driver's identity, leaving a review system to rate your driver, and having customer service if there are any issues with your ride. 

The driver can also provide additional customer service by taking radio requests, providing tissues for passengers in their car, and even offering them a stick of gum. Some drivers go the extra mile by offering to help people with their luggage if they are traveling. 

4. Walmart 

Another big company that is involved in customer service is Walmart. It is known as the Superstore of America, having practically everything that you need in one location at affordable prices. 

The company is based in Bentonville, AR and currently has about 2.3 million people working for them. Considering that this company has over 10,000 stores all over the world, there seem to be plenty of opportunities to get in on the action here. 

What this company does is help customers find the items that they are looking for and point them in the right direction. Some employees may help the elderly carry their grocery bags to the car. 

Employees also help customers ring up everything they purchase politely and efficiently, plus supervisors may listen to employees about any concerns that customers may have come up with. 

3. Airbnb

Another company involved on the travel side of the consumer services industry is Airbnb. Like Uber, this company is also based in San Francisco, CA. However, the amount of employees is much smaller than the other two companies above, with just over 6,000 employees. 

Airbnb is heavily involved in consumer services because they make sure that both travelers and hosts have their needs met. How this company works is that hosts put their homes up on Airbnb to rent out for a temporary period. They will put their guidelines up in advance for people to know. 

Airbnb gives travelers the option to review a host at the end of their stay. They can tell people what they like and do not like about a location and the host. Plus, they offer a customer support system to address any immediate concerns. 

2. Costco 

One of the largest wholesale retail stores out there is Costco. This company is based in Issaquah, WA, and has 838 stores across the world. Costco employs nearly 300,000 people. 

What this company is known for is being a membership club that allows people to shop for retail goods. It is similar to Walmart in being a superstore, but it has a few tweaks. 

The first is that you have to be a member to shop there, whereas, with Walmart, you can just walk right in. The second thing is that this store is known for selling items in bulk. The idea here is for people to buy more of an item but spend less than the average cost for the normal size of that item. 

On top of this, a lot of stores even have their own gas stations that customers can use. Employees can help customers find what they are looking for. Plus, they can listen to any concerns that they might have. 

1. Amazon 

Arguably the biggest company in the consumer services industry is Amazon. It is based in Seattle, WA and the company employs about 1.6 million people. 

They are the model of consumer service because they make almost every retail product that you can think of become available online and then delivered to you. Amazon has fulfillment centers where drivers take goods to people in their local area.

Then, people there will work on packaging these goods, and local drivers will take these packages to deliver to people's doorsteps. Amazon also has a streaming service that their Prime members can use for free, and they have an option to have groceries delivered to you as well. 

Find More Consumer Services Companies

These are five of the biggest companies that are in the consumer services field. You have ones on the travel side like Uber and Airbnb, ones that are superstores such as Walmart and Costco, and then a company like Amazon that practically does it all. 

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