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Published: Sep 06, 2022 | Updated at: Jun 17, 2023

Only 12% of employees are fully productive at work. Being distracted and disorganized are two of the top reasons for this. These days, many employees are working from home too.

While working from home sure does have its advantages, there are even more distractions to be aware of. You have to be your boss at times, and it's easy to fall into bad habits or traps if you're not careful. The solution is to get your hands on a task management app.

There is no shortage of task management apps at your disposal. They are easily downloadable and free.

With so many out there, you may not know which to get. Our guide has got you covered. Read it to learn how you can start managing your tasks effectively immediately.

1. Halsell

Organize all aspects of your business with an all-in-one CRM software with Halsell. With it, you can start managing tasks, keep track of projects and deadlines, and communicate with the team.

Easily set up your account with your name, email, and company. No credit card information is necessary. Then you simply invite others to join you.

Start adding tasks immediately and watch your team's productivity increase. Be sure to utilize certain features like the Team Health Dashboard and Team Inbox.

2. Asana

Asana has many task management options, including task lists and timelines. Your teams will be a lot more organized and equipped to perform and execute their tasks. Features like delegating subtasks enable managers to feel more on top of things with Asana.

Tasks are easy to find under one roof. Take advantage of the different task views, too—boards, lists, calendars, timelines, etc.

Collaboration is the only issue we ran into since tasks can only be delegated to one individual.


Organize your tasks, lists, and smart reminders with the award-winning app Start managing your tasks, whether they're solitary or recurring. You'll never forget a thing with the location-based reminders either.

Create a grocery list easily with—you'll love how it automatically sorts it. Share it easily with friends and family and import recipes you find online.

You'll want to take advantage of the smart assistant too. Sync it across multiple devices so you'll always stay on task.

4. Habitica

They say it can take 21 days to form a habit. Habitica will help you form these habits in the shape of a to-do app. By gamifying the app, staying on track and managing tasks becomes that much more enjoyable.

The way Habitica works is by combining your to-dos, habits, and goal tracking into Habits, Dailies, and To Do's as monsters. When you complete tasks, you earn points. Watch your focus and productivity improve.

Set up your profile with a custom avatar and certain habits. If you fail to finish your tasks, you will be punished. This creates some semblance of accountability on your end.

5. Microsoft To Do

As a Microsoft user, you will want to try the Microsoft To Do task management app. You will love that it bridges the gap across multiple Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you're composing emails via Outlook, you can even start managing straights without leaving your inbox.

Set reminders with Microsoft To Do so you'll never fall behind. When you start your day, try the My Day feature so you know what your day looks like. Get a broader view with the weekly view too.

The Microsoft To Do app will work seamlessly whether you're on mobile or desktop.

6. Remember the Milk

With Remember the Milk, you'll begin managing your tasks with ease. Instead of jotting down to remember the milk with a pen and pad, use this handy to-do app.

We recommend trying the Smart Add feature, where you can quickly add and edit tasks. Easily set up reminders too. You'll be on top of your task management no matter what device (Apple, Android, PC, etc.) you're currently using.

7. DragApp

Head to the Chrome web store to pick up the DragApp extension. You'll be able to create boards, schedule appointments, and chat with your team. You can even share e-mail inboxes for local and global teams.

Small to medium businesses will love the approachable and easy user experience.

Sometimes work gets repetitive. With DragApp, speed up your work by automating certain tasks. Watch your focus increase as you sort emails into boards and assign them to teammates.

8. Trello

Take your task management to the next level with Trello. Trello's focus is on boards. Specifically, Trello uses Kanban boards for its projects.

It is easy to get started; just create a new card or new board. Within each card, you can start conversations and add task details and attachments.

Kanban boards are great, and many task management software uses them. The only issue is if members of your team prefer Gantt charts/boards. You can upgrade to something resembling Gantt charts/boards, but it'll cost you.

Trello is best used for smaller projects as bigger projects can start to feel cumbersome and burdensome. If you like the look and feel of Trello but are currently doing a bigger project, we advise you to seek out Trello alternatives.

9. Monday

Monday is a popular task management app that enables teams to work together and effectively execute plans and projects. Mundane tasks become automated with Monday.

The clean interface will draw your staff in. There is no shortage of customization and templates to seek out either. When managing tasks, you will begin to see how much time you will save.

Monday is especially useful for teams that don't need a lot of detail.

Some issues we found were with notifications, repeating tasks, and file sharing/downloading. Keep in mind that you may have to depend on third-party apps to be able to share files. You won't be able to integrate Monday for file management services such as Dropbox.

Monday shines will smaller projects.

10. Todoist

Todoist offers a clean design for your task management needs. It doesn't need to be overcomplicated to be a productive task management app. Todoist knows this and provides a straightforward approach.

You'll love getting down to the nitty-gritty with simple features like custom views and collaboration options.

Todoist's strength is its task view. You'll see everything you need in a birds-eye liner style. When due dates are approaching, you'll know well in advance.

You can also leave comments and focus on priorities within tasks too. Of all the task management apps we've tried, Todoist has some of the best kanban boards available.

If you need to check prior tasks, we recommend upgrading to the paid plan since you'll have an unlimited archive. The free plan only offers a week's archive.

11. TickTick

Whether you're a project manager or employee, you'll love the features packed in TickTick. You can easily organize your tasks in the traditional sense. You are also free to organize even further with TickTick's folders.

Anticipate how long your tasks will take rather than setting a start and due date. You'll be sure to speed up your process with this handy feature.

You won't have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands since TickTick takes security and privacy very seriously. They won't sell your data, and if you delete your account, your data will be deleted within 90 days.

Rather than typing everything out, why not use your voice to add tasks? This is of course, a must faster way to get the words out. Is very accurate, so you won't have to worry about going back to make edits to clean things up.

Begin managing tasks effortlessly with TickTick. If you want to kick things up a notch, you can do so with the Premium plan. From there, you can create 300 more lists, add members, attach files, and track progress.

12. Google Task Manager

You won't have to leave your Gmail to start managing tasks. The native Google task manager is simple, customizable, and functional. Take advantage of the Google suite and add daily activities and meetings that will sync with Google Calendar and Google Drive.

The only downside is that you won't be able to share tasks with clients or colleagues unless you share a document via Gmail or elsewhere.

Take Your Task Management to the Next Level

As you can see, there is no shortage of task management apps to choose from. If you're having trouble staying on task and completing projects, these task management apps will have you headed in the right direction.

By having the right CRM software, your customers and clients will thankful. Maintain customer loyalty and attract new clients with a powerful task management app.

Go ahead and give Halsell a try. This is the customer service solution you've been looking for.

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