Published: Sep 21, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 23, 2022

Are you interested in boosting your career prospects and making a six-figure salary? Are you simultaneously creative and analytical and looking to blend these skillsets to drive products forward? By becoming a product manager, you can earn an average of $127,400 per year for heading up teams that design unique products and innovations.

To start, however, you need a product management certification. There are different types of product management certifications and different places to get them. This handy guide will tell you all about the process and give you our top five picks for product management qualifications.

Product Management and Managers

A product manager's job has many facets. At the start of a production process, they identify their company's customers' needs. They do this either by interacting directly with the client base or by looking at market analysis on consumer preferences.

The product manager works with designers to come up with a product or bug fixes that will satisfy the new set of identified needs. They create an overarching strategy to help the production team make the desired product. Lastly, they work with the team on each individual step.

In short, product managers identify the starting point and desired ending point of the production phase and then guide a product through the entire process. Half like a cartographer, half like a guide.

Product managers in large companies work with larger teams. These teams will have analysts, engineers, and other specialists.

In these scenarios, they'll be in charge of reviewing the work done by others. Their job will be to make sure others' work adheres to the defined strategy or product vision. Such individuals often use project management software to help them keep track of large teams and projects.

Product managers in smaller firms may spend a lot more time doing hands-on work with one or two colleagues. In both scenarios, however, the main goal is to prioritize the client base's wants.

Why You Need a Product Management Certification

Product management, at this point, may sound like quite a broad job that banks mainly on good people skills. Why would someone need a special certification then if any type of communications degree or technical qualification would suffice?

A product manager needs good people skills to understand needs and communicate between teams. They also need technical skills to understand the product they're working with.

If you hold a product manager certification you can show potential employers, you are qualified in both spheres. You also show that you've been trained to blend and use both properly.

Where To Get a Product Management Certification

There are several organizations that offer courses. There are subtle differences between these certifications that will determine what kind of product manager you'll be.

1. AIPMM's Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner Course

AIPMM offers two product management courses, and the "Agile" qualification is the better pick. Most institutions teach content or theory but very seldom stress application. In the real world, managers will need to adapt to setbacks that occur because of normal events.

AIPMM's "Agile" course teaches skills that match this need. Managers learn to train team members, conduct analyses, and more. It only takes 20 hours to work through the online material and the course is very affordable.

AIPMM recommends that applicants have at least 3 years of experience or an MBA.

2. University of Alberta's Software Product Management Course

Alternatively, the University of Alberta has a stand-alone qualification that doesn't have any prerequisites. The course runs for 24 weeks and is also completely online. This program will teach you software development skills, product management techniques, and how to respond to your clients' needs.

This program has a high job placement rate and is readily available online. Enrollment is free but you will have to pay for the course itself. Luckily the university also offers financial aid.

3. EdX's Digital Product Management Program

EdX, in partnership with Boston University, offers a similar program in agile digital product management practices. Like the previous entry, applicants don't need any previous experience or qualifications. However, the course costs around $2000 upfront and runs for 4-7 hours per week for eight months.

What stands out about this course is that they cover social media marketing. They also teach students how to create "roadmaps" for product development.

4. Pragmatic Institute's Product Management Certification

The Pragmatic Institute has one of the most widely known and strongest product management certifications. This certification comes in eight courses. Each student must complete four of the eight courses.

If you complete all eight, you'll be qualified to manage product development as well as marketing. Most people who take this course are mid-career professionals, but it also suits people just starting out.

This is a great option for experienced product managers and similar professionals looking to specialize further. For example, professional PMs in Texas can earn over $250,000 if they specialize in the right sectors and work for the right companies. It's also easy to do while maintaining a full-time job since the courses are also online.

5. Accelerated by Standford School of Engineering

Last on the list is this 9-credit, 10-week program from Stanford. This certification's focus areas are product strategy and operations. Accelerated is best suited to students who are already studying for a set career path in an industry that needs certain types of product management skills.

What's great about this program is that it allows students to work together. They learn from each other as well as from the course material and receive feedback from a variety of sources.

Choose the Right Product Management Certifications for Your Career

Whether you're working for a small startup, a tech giant, or still studying, there's a product management certifications for you. When you're choosing the one for you, consider your background, the company you work for, and your available funds. You can also learn further once you have a job as a product manager.

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