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Although gaming may not be conducive to productivity, it’s still a very popular pastime. And if you’re a regular gamer, you’ve probably heard of xResolver

In short, there are times when a gamer may want to know some more specific information about their rival players—including whether they’re legitimate or a hacker. This is where the xResolver Xbox IP grabber comes into play. 

The site is designed to suss out the more sensitive information of rival players, and though its use might be unethical, it is still perfectly legal. So let’s learn a little more about what this software does, and explore some of its more popular alternatives. 

What Is xResolver?

Before we dive into our list of xResolver alternatives, let’s take the time to understand just what an xResolver for Xbox is. 

In simple terms, xResolver is a website that was created to sift through the usernames and player codes on Microsoft’s Xbox as well as Sony’s PlayStation. The online software then spits out the codes and usernames into an IP format. In other words, the website is a database for recording the IPs of Xbox, PlayStation, and other computer game players. 

It’s not a very ethical program, and it’s hard to imagine xResolver being put to anything but nefarious purposes. Technically, the practice is legal, but those who avail themselves of xResolver are often hackers or disgruntled players trying to harass a rival. 

The program does offer a service in which players can fork over some money to hide their IP address for a time, but this merely compounds the problem—it’s essentially a ransom demand. 

How Does xResolver Work?

So how does xResolver operate? 

As we pointed out above, the program stores freely available information about Gamertags (player IDs) and their associated IP addresses. It’s important to point out that all of this data is publicly available, which is why sites like xResolver are not illegal. 

Obviously, this opens up a slew of opportunities for malicious actors—specifically, hackers. Sites like xResolver allow them to match your profile and your IP address. So, the interested parties can now associate your internet identity with your physical network connection, which opens up many possibilities, and few of them are pleasant. 

For instance, hackers can now target you with the infamous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 

Alternatives For xResolver Xbox IP Grabbers

Now, we should note that xResolver isn’t the only game in town. In fact, there are quite a few xResolver alternatives that have popped up in recent years. 

This means that even if you did pay xResolver to hide your IP address for a time—which we do not recommend—you’d still have to reckon with the various other xResolver alternatives for Xbox and PlayStation. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the top alternatives for xResolver.

1. Xboxresolver

Xboxresolver is another website that allows gamers to find and decode the IP address from an Xbox player’s Gamertag or player code. 

That means it’s possible to use the site to acquire an opponent’s details, including personal networks. Gamers can also use it to capture information about usernames, IP addresses, locations, and even internet service providers (ISPs). 

It can take some time to retrieve all this information, however, which is one reason Xboxresolver is perhaps not quite as popular as xResolver. 

2. OctoSniff

OctoSniff is certainly one of the more unusually-named alternatives for xResolver on our list. 

It also requires you to pay a fee in order to avail yourself of its services. Even so, OctoSniff is quite affordable and it comes with many useful features. Among other things, it’s easy to install the software, and there are many tutorials and even 24/7 support. Plus, the program’s interface is simple to use and is free of dangerous malware. 

OctoSniff is without doubt one of the most comprehensive and powerful xResolver alternatives. For one thing, it enables you to automatically identify IPS and other personal information of rival players. It also comes with a PlayStation 4 username AI function to help suss out opponents on that platform as well. 

3. Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter is a sophisticated IP grabber that is a popular xResolver alternative. As far as Xbox consoles are concerned, Xbox Booter is by far one of the better IP grabbers, IP booters, and IP pullers available. Plus, it works both offline and online. 

Xbox Booter basically works by "sniffing" and securing IP addresses directly from the Xbox console, and grabs ISP data right off a network monitoring app. For fanatical Xbox gamers, this is one handy tool. It acquires quality information on IP pullers and grabbers, which gamers can then use to boot their opponents offline. 

4. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is another resolver software for both Xbox and PlayStation that is free to use, and combines Gamertag and IP puller functions. 

The software works by detecting and gathering IP addresses and data during live gaming sessions on either gaming console, and quickly renders Gamertag data into IP addresses. As mentioned, the software is free to use, and the setup is quick and easy. 

Lanc Remastered PCPS is downloadable as an app for your computer, and it’s compatible with pretty much any video or computer game format. All of these features combine to make it one of the better xResolver alternatives. 

5. Psycho Coding

Finally, we come to Psycho Coding, which is a VPN service provider that can "sniff" out and pull important information on other players. Additionally, Psycho Coding includes packet filters, dynamic Xbox filters, and even DDoS protection protocols. 

The information that Psycho Coding gathers is also of very high quality. It includes the ability to display an opponent’s username, IP address, geolocation data, and even ISP information. Psycho Coding is one of the more popular xResolver alternatives for Xbox.  

Keep Your Information Secure

Gaming has come a long way since the earliest Atari and Nintendo game consoles. And with websites like xResolver and its many alternatives, players have the ability to snoop on their opponents and find out personal information. 

This opens the door to bad-faith actors, such as hackers, to use xResolver Xbox IP puller software to grab your sensitive data if you’re not careful. So remember to keep your information secure, and put up as many roadblocks as possible to hackers and malware.

We hope you found this article informative, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’d love to help!

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