Published: Oct 04, 2022 | Updated at: Oct 04, 2022

Eunseo Bot Commands

Since its release on May 13, 2015 Discord, has snowballed into a must-have application for gamers and friends alike. 

People can create their own servers and customize them. With the Nitro premium subscription, more features can be added to your servers.

Bots up the game by providing you with many extra features and activities to do with your friends. 

One of the more popular minigames you can enjoy is the Eunseo bot. As you read on, you'll see what the Eunseo bot commands and features you can start off with. 

What Is the Eunseo Bot?

If you love k-pop then this bot is for you. The Eunseo bot is a gacha card game where you get to collect your favorite groups and soloists. 

All you have to do is invite the Eunseo bot to your server. 

Every week, there are events based on k-pop comebacks that will surely leave you interested for a long time. It's one you can enjoy with friends as there are plenty of opportunities for competition and trades.

When working from home, it's important to take breaks every so often. The Eunseo bot can help you relax for a few minutes before you're ready to work again. 

Eunseo Bot Discord Features 

As mentioned above, there are weekly events based on certain group and soloist comebacks. This gives you the opportunity to collect special cards and benefits. 

Players can also collect diamonds every day. These diamonds help to modify and add an advantage to certain players' cards. 

Each player involved in the game will have lists of the k-pop idols they collect. There are also opportunities to customize which pictures appear on your cards. 

Eunseo Bot Commands

Part of the features of the Eunseo bot enables users to use commands.

Previously, the /help command has been used by players. Recently, that command has been replaced by name others. 

Here is a list of the most common commands and what they can be used for. 


Before you get started, it's best to look into the rules of the bot. After all, the best way to enjoy a game is to do it without cheating. Additionally, since it can get competitive, there are rules as to the toxicity allowed in using the bot.

/daily /work /vote

One way to collect gems is by using these commands. The trick is to use these commands every day for more rewards.  

/daily will get you your daily reward of 500 gems. /work will allow you to get 100 gems every 20 minutes. /vote on the other hand will allow you to get another 500 gems as a reward after you have voted for the bot. 

/wishlist /unwish /wish add

In order to keep track of the idols you want to collect, having a wishlist is ideal. By typing in this command, you can see your list and adjust it as you see fit. 

When a card appears, you will also be informed that this idol is on your wishlist. 

By using /wish add, you will be able to add a card that you want to the list.

Want to remove a card from your wishlist? Just enter the /unwish command and the card shall be removed. 

/trade / accept / add /cancel

Does a player have one card that you really want? The trade command makes it possible for you to complete your collection. All you have to do is use !trade @user to start the exchange. 

When accepting a trade, use /accept. The /add command allows you to add another card to the trade.

If you decide to change your mind, just type in /cancel and the trade deal is off. 


This command allows you to see how many times you can gacha. It will also tell you how many gems and peanuts you have. 


Each gacha will cost you 100 gems. In one day, you'll be able to gacha about 5 times, earning you a card. 

Of course, by voting, you'll be able to get 5 more cards for 500 gems. 

/auc /bid

Every day, there are cards being auctioned and it's your chance to get some super rare cards. 

The /auc command allows you to see what cards are available and how much they're worth.

The /bid command will allow you to bid on these cards to start an auction. Simply type in /bid (auction_id) (price) until you get to the card you want. 


This is one of the discord bot commands that you can use to see what cards you currently have. By adding a player's username at the end of the command, you will be able to see what cards they have. 


The /search command is helpful when you want to find a specific card. It goes through the entire database and you'll be able to see which card is taken and which card is still up for grabs. 

Not Working?

Sometimes, you may notice that the server isn't responding. You may notice that the Eunseo bot commands aren't working at all. 

It is natural for bot servers to be down every now and then. When you encounter this, ensure to ask for assistance from the Tracker Support Community Server. 

After this bot has been given the right permissions, you can quickly fix the malfunctioning bot. 

Level Up Your Discord Experience

There are a lot more Eunseo bot commands you can use to improve your in-server experience. Of course, they'll take a little more time to memorize. 

Once you get the hang of the Eunseo bot, you'll have fun every time you log into discord. You can also try and see what other bots you can play around with. 

Interested in learning more? We have plenty of articles that can provide you with endless information. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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