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Published: Sep 28, 2022 | Updated at: Sep 28, 2022

San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning: Avis Air Duct Cleaning

According to the EPA, concentrations of some air pollutants indoors can be as much as 5 times higher than outdoors.

There are several potential sources of indoor air pollution, like pesticides, mold, and gas. One of the biggest contributing factors to indoor air quality is having clean air ducts.

Not only can an air duct cleaning service improve your indoor air quality, but it can also extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Avis Services offers San Antonio air duct cleaning to keep your home's air clean and safe. Read on to learn more about Avis air duct cleaning services!

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Because you don't see the air ducts in your home regularly, it's easy to forget that they need maintenance like any other part of your home. Leaving your air ducts neglected can have several negative effects on your home and your wallet.

Consider all the ways clean air ducts can benefit you.

Indoor Air Quality

Especially if you don't regularly let fresh air into your home by opening your doors and windows, your HVAC system is recirculating the same air. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of all sorts of pollutants in your ventilation system.

If moisture gets into your system, mold and mildew can even start growing in your vents. Additionally, other natural pollutants like radon and pet dander can get into your system and clog up your vents.

Another factor to consider is indoor air pollution from combustion systems like fireplaces, gas stoves, and tobacco products. All of these sources of indoor air pollution can also accumulate in your air duct system.

An air duct cleaning service will be able to prevent you from breathing these pollutants, which can impact your respiratory health.

Improved HVAC Performance

In addition to indoor air quality, air duct cleaning can also improve your air conditioning and heating systems. If air ducts aren't cleaned regularly, contaminants can clog up the air filter and even cause mechanical problems.

Your system will be able to heat and cool your home more effectively, and it won't require as much maintenance. Furthermore, a system with clean air ducts is more likely to last longer.

Lower Energy and Maintenance Costs

When your system's performance improves, it can save you money in several ways.

Because your system will run more efficiently with clean air ducts, it will use less energy. With enough energy savings, this can easily outweigh the cost of a professional air duct cleaner.

With all the issues polluted air ducts can cause, you can also save money on HVAC maintenance. Your system will run into fewer maintenance issues if it isn't working to force air through clogged air ducts.

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

There are a few signs you should watch out for that indicate your air ducts may need cleaning. If you're experiencing any of these, call an air duct cleaner right away.

Replacing Air Filter More Often

Your air filter prevents pollutants from getting into your HVAC system and generally needs to be replaced every three months. If you notice you're having to change the filter more often than that, the problem may lie in your air ducts.

If dust and debris accumulate in your air ducts, they won't have anywhere to go and they'll start building up on your air filter. To prevent this buildup and save money on new air filters, have a professional inspect your air ducts.

Dirty or Dusty Vents

You might also notice a buildup of dust on your vent covers if your air ducts need cleaning. If you find yourself repeatedly dusting your air vents, you probably have too much dust in your air ducts.

This dust can clog up your filter and lead to costly HVAC repairs if it gets into your unit.

Poor Airflow

If you notice little or no air coming out of your vents, the airflow is likely restricted by something in the ducts. Cleaning your air ducts can help improve airflow and allow your system to more easily cool your home.

Strange Smells

Dirty air ducts can result in several different odors depending on the type of pollutant.

If you notice a musty smell, it's possible that enough moisture has accumulated to allow mold or mildew to start growing in your air ducts. Leaving your air ducts moldy can lead to breathing in harmful bacteria.

On the other hand, you may notice a burning smell. Most often, this is caused by dust working its way into the furnace.

As dust builds up in your ventilation system, it can create a burnt smell and can also negatively impact your health.

Excessive Allergies

Seasonal allergies are normal in the spring and fall. However, if you notice that you're coughing or sneezing in your home more often than usual, it could be a sign that you're breathing in pollutants from your air ducts.

Dust and pet dander in your air ducts can worsen allergies, and other pollutants can even lead to respiratory disease. An air duct cleaning service will be able to help you prevent your indoor air quality from creating health issues.

San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning

No matter what pollutants you may have in your air ducts, San Antonio Avis air duct cleaning will help you improve your home's indoor air quality. Avis offers professional San Antonio air duct cleaning for homes of all sizes.


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