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Published: Oct 07, 2022 | Updated at: Oct 07, 2022

According to recent data from NCES, 87% of schools have reported a significant change in student social-emotional behavior since the pandemic began. Even the most dedicated and compassionate teachers are becoming overwhelmed and seeking solutions to classroom management and behavior problems. That's why innovative educators have started using Blooket to build community and raise engagement in schools. 

In essence, kids need a break, but not at the expense of learning. Blooket allows teachers to assess their students without adding unnecessary stress. The Blooket game is a playful way to add joy throughout the school day. 

We've created this Blooket guide to explain the ins and outs of this colorful classroom tool. We hope that teachers nationwide can use it to harness the power of play to build a more harmonious classroom community.  

Read on to discover all the Blooket information you need to get started. 

What Is Blooket?

Blooket is more than a simple review game. It's a gamified learning platform where students can customize avatars, earn points, progress through levels, and tackle classroom content. It's fully interactive, allowing students to play solo, join groups, or compete against classmates. 

Blooket is a versatile choice for all classrooms because it's web-based. Students can play on nearly any one-to-one or shared device. Teachers use it during centers, for "Fun Fridays," or as an early finisher activity. 

The database comes pre-populated with tons of quiz content, but the best Blooket hack is that you can customize your own to reflect your curriculum. Teachers can use Blooklet to review learning in any content area. 

Each player starts with an avatar called a Blook, which is fully customizable. As students play, they earn mini-games and avatar updates. They'll earn points that they can trade for motivating Blook upgrades.

The more they play, the more engaged they will become. 

Learning With Blooket

The core learning element of Blooket is a trivia-style quiz game. Students must engage with the assessment component to move on to the interactive games. Students can use the points they earn by answering questions as part of Booklet play. 

The great thing about Blooket is that the interface is simple and intuitive. After a quick tutorial, most young students can play independently. Many teachers assign Blooket time to early finishers or as an independent learning station. 

If you subscribe to Blooket Plus, you'll gain access to enhanced game reports. In essence, you'll have all the information you need to use Blooket as a quantitative assessment. You'll also gain access to features that make it simple to plan and create with Blooket. 

An annual subscription to Blooket Plus is only $35.88 annually, making it one of the most affordable gamified learning platforms available. The basic version is always free. 

Playing With Blooket

While teachers love the quiz component, the kids love the games. The points earned during quiz mode become coins, tokens, or other in-game currency. Students can use them to play one of many compelling, interactive games in between quiz rounds. 

The games are similar to popular apps that students often enjoy at home. They all require focus and information retrieval during gameplay. The more questions students answer correctly during the quiz rounds, the more success they have during the gameplay segments. 

Blooket is the key to solving many student motivation problems. Teachers love to use Blooket as an exit ticket after new learning. Students can only access a new Blooket quiz if they have participated in the lesson.

Not only does this motivate students to focus on new learning, but it allows teachers to assess their understanding immediately. You can include a Blooket exit ticket directly in your lesson plans to appease administrators. The data is a valuable tool when planning for future instruction. 

Customizing Blooket for Your Students

We have designed Blooket to be fully customizable, even for less tech-savvy educators. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to include your course content in the game.

We understand that teachers know best and allow you to edit and customize question sets. Once you've created a new question set, you can make it available on the Blooket discover page. There, you can import questions created by other educators.

Thus, the available content is constantly changing and evolving. As you download and share material, you'll become a member of the Blooket teacher community. 

With that said, we know that no two classrooms are alike. If your students are competitive, you can adjust the games to reduce the importance of speed in gameplay and encourage accuracy. You can also help students learn mental math facts or sight words by encouraging and rewarding speed instead. 

Social and Emotional Learning With Blooket

Students learn best when they feel like they are an integral part of their learning community. Many teachers use Blooket as a whole-class activity. Teachers can begin a game using a SMARTboard or projector, and students can join on their one-to-one devices using a Blooket code. 

Instead of competing against one another, students must work together to answer the questions and earn points for the whole group. They will learn to value one another and celebrate shared victories. 

Ultimately, Blooket is a learning tool that helps communities come together through play. 

Reimagine Engagement With Blooket

The days of laminating review games and motivating students with bribes are over. With Blooket, teachers can customize their classroom assessments and encourage full student engagement. When the rewards are part of learning, students will beg to play, and stressed-out teachers can sit back and enjoy the process.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a gamified learning platform? Long-on to Blooket, and join Booklet. Use your email address to claim your free account and start playing immediately. 

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